Sunday, May 29, 2011

Chapter 12

Maddy was resting in the hospital bed after having been checked out by the doctor. The doctor walked back in and asked, "Hey how are you feeling now?"
"Better and a little relaxed but how is my baby?"
"Madeline, I know you have been through a lot so your baby is going to be fine but you need to be less stressed in your life plus there is something else I noticed in your ultrasound today" the doctor said which surprised Maddy.
"What did you see?" Maddy questioned and was starting to worry.
"I noticed a second heartbeat so it looks like you are carrying twins" the doctor explained which made Maddy's eyes widen.
"Twins, I am having twins! How can that be? I am not a twin and neither is my boyfriend and there is not other way because I am not on any medications either so how and why so I am very confused".
"Madeline, sometimes it happens and maybe there are twins somewhere in either of your families but you are having twins".
"Wow so there are two babies growing inside of me. Hey little guys" Maddy smiled and patted her abdomen.
"Well like I said earlier you need to take it easy and rest so that you can have healthy babies. So is there someone here with you to take yyfrieou home?" the doctor asked.
"Yes my boyfriend, Kris Letang, is here with me" Maddy said and then the doctor talked to the nurse and the nurse went to find Kris.

"Kris Letang?" the nurse called out and Kris got up and walked over to the nurse.
"I am Kris".
"Come with me sir" the nurse said and Kris followed her back to where Maddy was resting.

When they got back to where Maddy was resting, Kris saw how relaxed Maddy was and that made him happy.

"Hey sweetheart" Kris said smiling.
"Hey Kris" Maddy said.
"How are you and the baby feeling?" Kris asked coming over to sit next to Maddy on her bed.
"Uhmmm well the doctor told me some that surprised me a lot" Maddy said looking at Kris and biting her lower lip.
"Tell me Maddy".
"I am having twins and so that is one reason why I was bleeding and having pains in my abdomen so I have to really relax and take it easy so the babies will be healthy" Maddy explained and now it was Kris's eyes that widened with shock.
"Twins! We are having twins. Wow I can not believe it but I am happy, Maddy, I am very happy" Kris says and leans down to kiss Maddy gently.
Maddy smiles and kisses Kris back.

They get home and Kris makes sure that Maddy is resting quietly at their home. Kris and Maddy relax and celebrate quietly about the fact that they are having twins that night.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chapter 11

Maddy and Kris were both asleep after an amazing few rounds of love making. Maddy was tossing and turning because she was having a nightmare. She was dreaming that the guys that had kidnapped her and Kris were hurting her and she screamed, "Stop no please stop. That hurts. No".
Kris woke up and gently grabbed Maddy, "Sweetheart, wake up, you are having a nightmare. Wake up".
Maddy woke up and looked at Kris and snuggled into his arms and cried.
"Awwww baby its fine and you are safe with me" Kris whispered to Maddy as he held her and rubbed her back.
"They were hurting me and I was so scared" Maddy cried harder.
"No one will ever hurt you baby because I will always protect you because I love you more than anyone one else" Kris said holding Maddy as close as he could and kissed her temple.
Maddy calmed down and then moved to look up at Kris. She placed her hand on his cheek and he leaned down and kissed Maddy deeply and then laid her down on the bed.

"Kris thank you for protecting me and making me feel safe. I love you".
"I love you too Maddy and will always protect you".

Kris then pulled Maddy back into his arms and held her and watched her go back to sleep.

A few days later Maddy was out doing some errands. She was in the grocery store and felt a pain in her abdomen.

"Oww" Maddy said quietly to herself and put her hand on her abdomen. She quickly finished her shopping and got into her car. She drove home and felt another pain. She was really scared that something was wrong with her baby. Maddy got home and rushed into the house right by Kris and into the bathroom.

"Maddy what's going on?" Kris asked but was cut off when Maddy slammed the bathroom door.

Maddy saw blood on her pants and freaked out, "Oh god no!"
Kris heard her scream and ran to the bathroom and threw open the door, "Maddy, oh my god, Maddy" and he knelt down next to Maddy and held her.
"The baby, the baby" was all Maddy could say.
"Let's get you to the hospital now, sweetheart" Kris said helping Maddy up and they headed to the car and then Kris drove Maddy to the hospital.
Maddy tired to stay calm but it was hard because she was scared for her unborn baby.

Kris got Maddy to the hospital and the nurses took Maddy in quick to check her out while Kris waited and prayed for the woman he loved.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Chapter 10

**** Warning Adult Content ****

Kris was finally going to be released from the hospital after several weeks. He had recovered very well from being shot. Maddy had agreed to let Kris stay at her place so he had someone to watch over him.

Maddy got to the hospital and she went to Kris's room and he was sitting in a wheelchair signing his release papers.

"Hey Kris" Maddy said walking into the room.
"Hey Maddy" Kris said smiling and handing the papers to the nurse.
"Mr. Letang you are set to go now and I assume this young lady has come to take you home?" the nurse said looking at Kris.
"Yes she is here to get me" Kris said smirking at Maddy. Maddy blushed and then went over to Kris's wheelchair and started pushing Kris out of the hospital. They got to the car and Maddy helped Kris get settled and then she got in the car.

"Shall we go sir?" Maddy giggled and before Kris answered he leaned over to Maddy and gave her a quick kiss and then, "I can not wait to get home and actually sleep in real bed" Kris joked.

A little while later Maddy and Kris were chilling out on the sofa watching a movie and Kris yawned and Maddy noticed.

"Your tired aren't you?"
"Yeah, I think I am going to go to sleep and I would love if you join me" Kris smirked and headed to the bedroom.
Maddy just giggled and then locked up and headed upstairs.

Kris was in the bathroom when Maddy walked in and she surprised him.

Kris jumped and then turned to Maddy with an evil grin and Maddy shrieked when Kris grabbed her and pulled her to him. He turned her so she was facing him and then he kissed her deeply. Kris pulled back from the kiss and looked at Maddy, her eyes were still close and her lips slightly swollen from his kiss. She looked beautiful and he was glad he was out of the hospital.

Maddy opened her eyes and noticed Kris staring at her, "Why are you staring at me?" she asked and then blushed.
"What I can not look at my beautiful girlfriend and make myself happy?" Kris stated.
"Awwww Kris you are so sweet and I love you" Maddy said.

Then before Maddy realized it Kris then picked Maddy up and took her over to the bed and laid her down.

"Hey you need sleep and no monkey business" Maddy said trying to get Kris off of her.
"No I am fine and need some monkey business with my girl" Kris smiled and leaned down to kiss Maddy's neck and collarbone. Maddy gave into Kris's kisses and she helped Kris get out of his clothes and he helped Maddy out of her clothes too.

Kris continued to kiss Maddy's body. He suckled one of Maddy's breasts and then moved to the other one and she cried out, "Kris yes yes, Oh god".
Kris smirked to himself and continued down her body. He kissed her bellybutton and then he moved down between her legs and kissed her clitoris and that really made Maddy lose it and have a powerful orgasm. Kris then moved back up Maddy's body and looked down at her, "You are so beautiful" and then gently entered Maddy. He moved in and out of her and they both had amazing orgasm together and Kris emptied his seed into her womb. They collapsed together in each others arms.

Kris held Maddy close, "I love you baby".
"I love you too, Kristopher" Maddy said and they feel asleep snuggled together.