Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chapter 19

****Warning Adult Content****

Kris and Maddy knew they needed to find a new house because Maddy did not want to live at her parents pool house. Kris decided to contact a realtor to find a house that was perfect for both of them.

Kris and Maddy were checking out houses with the realtor and when they drove up to one particular house and Maddy's eyes lit up with excitement. They got out of the car and Kris had a feeling this was the one but they still needed to see the inside. They walked in and Maddy's gasped at how gorgeous the open floor plan.

"Oh my this is beautiful" Maddy said smiling. Kris was happy that Maddy was smiling and excited. She had been through so much and the recent stress by her mother was not something Kris wanted for Maddy especially with her being pregnant. He wanted her happy and relaxed so this was a good sign about their future.
"It is an amazing house" Kris said putting his arm around Maddy waist as he looked around too.
The realtor gave them the tour and then let them talk alone.

"Sweetie what do you think of this house?" Kris asked looking at Maddy and holding her hand.
"I love it. What do you think?" Maddy asked looking at Kris.
"So then its the one, right, baby?" Kris asked making sure he got the yes from Maddy.
"Yes Kris this is the one. Let's buy it. I can see raising the twins here and being a family here" Maddy said leaning over to Kris and kiss him. He kissed her back and smiled.

Kris and Maddy talked to the realtor and started the paperwork and after a few days they were the proud owners of a house in Pittsburgh.

A week later they were all moved in and Maddy and Kris were enjoying unpacking and getting used to their new house.

"Kris, I am so happy" Maddy said walking over to Kris and hugging him.
Kris put his arms around Maddy and smiled, "I am so glad that you are happy. That is all I want for you is to be happy".
"I am super happy now. I have you, these little munchkins growing inside me and now our own place. And I feel safe and loved in your arms" Maddy explained and kissed Kris.
"I only want you to feel loved and safe no matter what" Kris said kissing Maddy again. Then Kris picked up Maddy and carried her back into the bedroom.

"Hold your horses Hot stuff" Maddy joked.
"What sweetheart?" Kris asked as he gently laid Maddy on the bed and then started to kiss her earlobe and neck.
Maddy giggled and let Kris kiss her and she let her hands roam his body. She enjoyed as they just made out.

Later that night Kris set up a romantic picnic in their new living room because they had no furniture. He set up a blanket and all the food and then started a fire in the fireplace. True is was summer but Kris wanted to really set a romantic setting for Maddy.

When Kris had everything perfect he went and found Maddy in their bedroom. She had decided to take a nap after their fun make out session earlier. Kris moved to lay next to Maddy and gently woke her up.

"Hey beautiful, dinner is ready".
"Sounds good, give me just a second to freshen up".
Kris waited on Maddy and then when she came out of the bathroom he took her hand and led her to the living room.

"Oh wow Kris this is so sweet" Maddy exclaimed and turned to give Kris a quick kiss. Kris helped Maddy sit down because it was a little hard with her baby belly. Then Kris and Maddy enjoyed a romantic dinner in front of the fire.

After dinner Kris cleaned up and told Maddy to just relax and enjoy the fire. Maddy did and a few minutes later Kris joined her and sat down behind her. He held her and they just snuggled together.

That night Kris and Maddy made love in their new bedroom. Kris knew how to love his wife so perfectly. He kissed her everywhere and she touched him in his sweet spots too.

Life seemed perfect until the next morning when Maddy woke up with feeling weird and believing that her water broke but it was two months early for the twins. But she shook Kris to wake him up.

"Kris, something is up with the twins. You need to get me to the hospital now" Maddy said freaking out.
Kris woke up to Maddy sounding very upset and jumping up to help Maddy to get her to the hospital quickly.

They got to the hospital and Kris was told he had to wait. Kris waited and about an hour later Kris was taken to where Maddy was resting.

"Kris, the doctor said that the twins are coming so I am really scared because its too soon for them to be born" Maddy said crying. Kris moved to her side and held her hand and leaned down to kiss her forehead, "I love you Maddy and everything will be fine. I am not leaving your side".
Maddy relaxed knowing that Kris was staying put and holding her hand, "I love you Kris". Kris smiled and kissed Maddy again and then they waited for the new adventure that was their children to arrive.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Chapter 18

Maddy's dad was calling Maddy's cell phone but she was ignoring it because of how her mother treated Kris. She was looking at her phone as it was ringing for the hundredth time and Kris came over and sat down next to her on the bed.

"Answer it sweetheart" Kris said.
"No, I will not talk to them after my mom told me to make you give up your rights to the twins" Maddy said looking at Kris and then her phone stopped ringing.
"Madeline, I know you are upset at her for what she said but they are your parents and probably want to know you are fine" Kris said as he put his hand on Maddy's abdomen.
"I am too upset with her to talk to her right now. I would say something hurtful now so when I am ready to talk to her I will".
"Fine when you are ready to talk to her then call her. Right now I think we both need to get out of the room and do something fun" Kris said getting up off the bed and held his hand out to Maddy. She took his hand and he helped her up.

They headed out of the hotel room and then got into Kris's car and they went for a drive. They ended up at a park. They got out of the car and went for a walk along the Monongahela River. It was nice to get out and just wander along the pathway. Kris and Maddy did not talk and enjoyed the scenery as they held hands. It was peaceful and fun and thankfully no one bothered Kris which was a plus for their walk. They ended up at a playground that no one was playing on so Maddy walked over to the swing and sat down.

"Push me" she said with a huge smile on her face. Kris obliged and started pushing Maddy. After a few pushes Kris moved back as Maddy stated swinging on her own and then Kris sat down on the one next to Maddy and started swinging too.

"This is fun" Maddy giggled and Kris laughed too. They swung until they it they both were getting hungry. They left and headed back to the car and then went to a cool little diner that they both liked.

As they were enjoying their late lunch, Maddy's cell phone went off again and she pulled it out and Kris grabbed it and answered it.

"Hello" Kris said.
"Hello this is not Madeline. Who is this?" the other person said.
"Its Kris and who may I asked is this?" Kris answered politely.
"This is Madeline's mother Ann. Can I please speak to her?" Ann asked annoyed that Kris had Maddy's phone.
"She is not able to come to the phone so I can give her a message" Kris said.
"Fine, tell my daughter she needs to come to her senses and leave you and find someone else. Sorry to be so blunt about it but its best for Madeline" Ann explained.
"Maddy can not leave me because she is my wife and with that Mrs Chase, I will let you go. Have a great day" Kris said obnoxiously and hung up.
"Who the fuck does she think she is anyway. Sorry baby I know she is your mother but seriously. She has ticked me off to the point I completely understand where you are coming from now. Shall we head back to the hotel?" Kris asked exasperated.
"I am so glad you see why I am so pissed at her and yes we can head back" Maddy said smiling at her amazing husband. Kris paid the bill and they left and headed back.

They got back to their very nicely clean hotel room and snuggled close on the bed to watch a movie. At one point Maddy looked up at Kris, "Thank you".
"What are you thanking me?" Kris asked confused.
"For being who you and I love you" Maddy said smiling and leaned up to kiss Kris. He kissed her back and said, "You are welcome and I love you more, sweetheart and I tell you all the time I will protect you no matter what because you are so special to me".
"I know" Maddy said snuggling back against Kris's chest to watch the movie.