Saturday, December 10, 2011

Chapter 27

Ten months later Kris and Maddy had another set of beautiful set of twins. A boy and a girl again. Tabitha Madison Letang and Tristan Mitchell Letang were adorable little babies and Maddy and Kris were exhausted parents. Lucy and Luc were excited about being big sister and big brother to the babies.

Maddy was at home relaxing with the babies one morning. Luckily the twins were in preschool so Maddy had some time to herself. Kris was coming home from practice and bringing the two of them lunch.

Kris walked into the house and it was quiet. He put down the bags of food and kicked off his shoes and then wandered into the house. He walked up the stairs and checked in the nursery and saw that Tabitha and Tristan were sleeping. He smiled and fixed both of the twins blankets and then walked down to their bedroom. He walked into see Maddy sleeping and looked like an angel. He walked to the bed laid down next to Maddy facing her. He touched her cheek and then leaned down and kissed her lips gently. He smiled to himself as he watched Maddy sleep. Luckily this pregnancy had gone smoothly for Maddy and the twins were healthy little miracles. Before Kris realized it he feel asleep snuggled next to Maddy.

A cry startled Kris and Maddy and they both woke up and Maddy saw Kris and smiled.

"Hey" Maddy said smiling.
"Hey" Kris said kissing Maddy gently again, "I will get them you stay put".
Maddy sighed and laid back down and watch Kris walk out of the bedroom to deal with two crying babies. A few minutes later Kris walked back into the bedroom with two adorable babies in his arms. He handed Maddy, Tabitha and he kept Tristan and sat back down on the bed.

Maddy laid Tabitha on the bed and smiled at her new baby daughter and Kris laid Tristan down next to his sister. The babies just giggled and made baby noises.

"They are so precious" Maddy said looking at Kris and he smiled at her.
"They are amazing" Kris said and leaned over to Maddy and kissed her.
They played with their children and then had lunch.

After lunch Kris went to get Lucy and Luc at daycare and brought them home and it was then family time at home.


Life was busy in the Letang household with two sets of twins but Kris and Maddy worked it out. Kris and Maddy were very much in love and had been through so many adventures but they made it and were stronger for everything. Life was happy and full of love and that was all that matter with Kris and Maddy.