Thursday, June 23, 2011

Chapter 17

****Warning Adult Content****

Kris and Maddy left the restaurant they headed back to the hotel. As they were waiting for the elevator to go up to the room, Kris was holding Maddy close and nibbling on her earlobe and whispering. Maddy's eyes widened at what Kris was saying to her and she playfully pushed him away but he was too strong so she was stuck.
Finally the elevator came and they got on it and headed upstairs. Since they were alone in the elevator Kris leaned down to kiss Maddy and then started moving down her neck when the elevator stopped and the doors opened and an elderly couple got on and smiled at Maddy and Kris. Kris and Maddy both turned red from embarrassment and then Maddy just leaned close to Kris and he put his arm around her. The elevator finally got to their floor and they got off and headed to their room.

Kris opened the door to their room and picked up Maddy and she squealed in surprise.

"Hey Kris why are you carrying me over the threshold? You are supposed to carrying me over the threshold of our permanent house normally" Maddy asked still in Kris's strong arms.
"I can carrying you over any threshold I want because you are my wife and I love you" Kris explained and then kissed Maddy again. Kris then walked with Maddy in his arms and the gently dropped her onto the bed. Maddy giggled and watched Kris take off his jacket and tie. Then he leaned down so that he was on top of Maddy and then kissed her again.

Kris slowly undressed Maddy and then looked at her, "God you are so beautiful Maddy". Maddy blushed and then Kris finished getting the rest of his clothes off and then leaned back down.

Kris started kissing Maddy's earlobe and then he moved to her neck giving her more kisses. Then he moved down to Maddy's breasts and suckled each of them which made Maddy go crazy and call out his name, "Kris oh god yes Kris wow". Kris smirked and continued his kissing assault all over Maddy's body. Maddy was playing with Kris's hair and he enjoyed that and he was moaning her name too, "Oh god Maddy, damn oh hell ya baby". Kris moved further down to her bellybutton and kissed it and she giggled but then he moved to her most sensitive spot and kissed her clitoris. She screamed out more, "Oh my god, oh my god Kris yes amazing!"
Kris smirked and then moved back up Maddy's body and then looked at her, "Maddy, I love you" and then he entered her gently. Maddy smiled and held onto Kris tightly as he moved in and out of her at an amazing pace. Their bodies found a rhythm that was perfect for both of them. Kris swore because Maddy was so tight and wet and felt so perfect to him. Maddy whispered into Kris's ear, "I love you too" and that made Kris move a few more times to give Maddy a powerful orgasm. Maddy then moved her hips and Kris groaned and then he emptied his seed into Maddy's womb and felt his own orgasm hit. They collapsed in each others arms and smiled. After they both calmed down and Kris moved off of Maddy and held her close.

"Kris, this was so special" Maddy said smiling.
"Making love to you tonight was special because you are now my wife and I love you so much" Kris said and then kissed Maddy again which led to another round of amazing love making. Kris and Maddy made the most of their wedding night and made love several times. They finally fell asleep in each others arms late that night.

The next morning they woke up late and Kris moved to watch Maddy sleep next to him. She looked like an angel so peaceful and beautiful. He stretched and just lay next to her and just watched Maddy sleep.

Maddy woke up to see Kris smiling at her, "Good morning husband".
"Good morning wife" Kris said and then kissing Maddy again. They ended up making love that morning and then Kris got Maddy up and into the shower and they made love in the shower.

Maddy was exhausted but very happy after the shared shower with Kris. They ended up sleeping the rest of that day together and very happy as a newly married couple.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Chapter 16

Maddy and Kris had gotten settled in the hotel room and had just finished dinner at the hotel restaurant. They were sitting on the bed together watching a movie. Maddy had just fallen asleep on Kris's chest. Kris noticed and smiled so he turned off the television and the light that was next to the bed and got comfortable too.

They woke up the next morning to both of their cell phones going off. Maddy groaned and stretched over to see her phone. Kris reached for his and looked at it and then silenced it. Maddy did the same with her phone.

"Who was calling you baby?" Kris asked pulling Maddy back to his chest.
"My mother, who was on yours?" Maddy said rolling her eyes.
"Marc Andre and he knows not to bug me until at least nine o'clock during summer break" Kris joked and snuggled against Maddy so they could both go back to sleep which they did.

A couple hours later they both woke up again and got ready for their day and then went down for breakfast at the restaurant. While they were sitting there eating Kris looked at Maddy's engagement ring and an idea hit him.

"Let's get married today" he said and Maddy looked at Kris with wide eyes.
"Seriously?" she asked.
"Sure but where and who?"
"Just leave it all up to me sweetheart" Kris said and gave her a quick kiss.
"OK I trust you" Maddy said and then continued to eat the rest of her breakfast.

They got back up to the room and Kris suggested that Maddy go and enjoy the indoor swimming pool and he would get her when everything was settled. Maddy got ready for the pool and kissed Kris again and then headed out to the pool.

Meanwhile Kris started making some phone calls. He was determined to make this perfect for Maddy after her conversation with her mother. After about two hours everything was set so Kris put on his swim trucks and headed down to find Maddy.

Maddy was swimming in the pool. She had been the only one there so it was relaxing and quiet. Kris stopped at the door of the pool and just watched his fiancee swim. She seemed very relaxed and peaceful which she needed after everything. He smiled and thought how he hated to intrude on her peaceful mood but he knew she would not mind him joining her.

He walked in and Maddy turned when she heard the door open and smiled when she saw Kris come in and set his stuff down next to hers.

"Hey the water feels amazing. Come and join me" Maddy called out and Kris did as she asked.
"Hey beautiful" Kris said swimming up to Maddy and pulling her to him.
"Hey" she said and kissed him.
"Everything is set for our wedding" Kris said smiling.
"Great news, I can not wait to be Mrs Kristopher Letang" Maddy said smiling back.
"And I can not wait to have you as my wife and then no one can break us apart" Kris said.
"That is music to my ears that no one can break us apart once we are husband and wife" Maddy said leaning her head on Kris's shoulder.
They swam a little bit more and then Kris and Maddy got out and headed back to their room to get ready for the wedding.


Kris and Maddy were at a wedding chapel that Kris had found thanks to Marc Andre. Marc Andre and his girlfriend, Veronique were there too to be witnesses. Maddy was excited to see some familiar faces especially at her wedding.

"I am so excited to see you guys" Maddy said giving both Marc Andre and Veronique hugs.
"We are excited too to be your witnesses at your wedding, Maddy" Veronique said.
"Lets do this guys" Kris said as they all got situated by the couple who ran the chapel.
Maddy stayed at the back of the chapel and Kris, Marc Andre and Veronique went up front.
Someone started some music and then Maddy was motioned to walk down the aisle to Kris. Both of them were smiling and super happy. Maddy looked beautiful in a white dress she had found at the hotel store. Her hair was down with curls and a beautiful flowered tiara adorned her head. Kris swore she looked like an angel from heaven.

The minister started the ceremony and Kris and Maddy said their vows.

"Do you Kristopher take Madeline to be your lawfully wedded wife?"
"I do".
"Do you Madeline Elizabeth take Kristopher to be your lawfully wedding husband?"
"I do"
"May I have the rings please?" the minister asked and Kris handed him two rings.
"I bless these rings by the power of the father, son and holy ghost. And that they may give you eternal love for one another".
"Kristopher place the ring on Madeline's finger please".
"Now Madeline place this ring on Kristopher's finger please".
"Now by the power vested in me by the state of Pennsylvania and the city of Pittsburgh, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride, sir".

Kris leaned down and kissed Maddy like there was not tomorrow. Marc Andre and Veronique clapped and shouted, "Félicitations". The couple who ran the chapel had taken plenty of pictures for Kris and Maddy and so had Veronique. They thanked the couple and then headed out of the chapel to the parking lot.

"Wow guys you are now officially married" Marc Andre said looking at the papers that Maddy was holding.
"Yes we are and its wonderful" Kris said holding Maddy close.
"I know you really want to go and have your honeymoon but its almost dinner time so lets all go have some food before you two have to hit the bedroom" Marc Andre joked and the girls both shook their heads with laughter.
"That sounds wonderful" Maddy said and Kris agreed so they headed to a nice restaurant in downtown Pittsburgh to have a celebratory wedding dinner for Maddy and Kris.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Chapter 15

Maddy's mom might have seen fine with Maddy finally becoming engaged to Kris but she still positive that Kris's profession was not suitable. Ann was determined to figure out a way to break up this engagement because her daughter should be marrying a doctor or a lawyer.

Ann invited Maddy over to the main house for lunch one day. Maddy walked over to the main house and found her mother sitting at the breakfast bar watching the personal chef making lunch.

"Hello mother" Maddy said making her presence known and then sitting down.
"Darling Madeline, how are you?" Ann asked in her snobby tone that irradiated Maddy.
"I am fine, mother. What did you want to talk to me about because I know you" Maddy said not sounding to happy.
"Let's go into the living room while Chef Jacques finishes lunch" Ann said taking Maddy's hand and leading her into the living room.

They sat down and then Ann decided to say her peace, "You need to break it off with Kris. And you will need to ask him to give up his rights to the twins. So I can find you someone better and willing to be a father to the twins even though they will not be his and I am sure I know a few gentlemen who will fit better in your life than Kris".
"Excuse me" Maddy said totally shocked.
"He is not good enough for you and he does not have a legit occupation for our social circle. And I still am a little surprised at you Maddy not saving yourself until your wedding night. I taught you to better than to get pregnant before marriage".
"I am leaving and not listening to this" Maddy said getting up from the chair.
"Madeline Elizabeth, sit back down now!" her mother practically screamed and Maddy turned around to look at her mother.
"No, you can not tell me what to do after all I am an adult. I will live my life as I wish and it will be with Kris and the twins". Then Maddy ran out of the house and back to the pool house and pulled out her cell phone. She called Kris and was pacing around the living room when he answered.

"Hey" Kris said.
"I need you" Maddy sobbed into her phone and sat down on the nearest chair.
"I am on my way home now, sweetie. Please do not cry" Kris said moving away from his friends for a moment to try and calm Maddy down.
Maddy took a deep breath and answered, "Just get here so you can hold me".
"See you very soon, baby" Kris said and then hung up and told his friends he had to head home.

Maddy cried until Kris showed up and he rushed into the living area and sat down next to Maddy and pulled her into his arms.

"What made you so upset sweetheart? What's wrong? Are the babies ok? Are you ok?" Kris asked several questions and Maddy finally calmed down to talk.
"My mother, I hate her. She told me I had to break up with you because you are not good enough for me" Maddy choked out.
"What seriously?" Kris questioned.
"Yes but that is not the worst of it".
"Worse what could be worse than us being forced to break up?"
"She told me I had to make you give up your all your rights to the twins so that she could find another man for me and he would become their father".

Kris pulled Maddy back to look into her eyes, "How dare she say that. Those babies are mine and yours because we created them out of our love for each other. I will never give my rights up to the twins that pisses me off".
"I know I told her I would not listen to her because I can live my life how I want to and its with you and the twins" Maddy said starting to cry again and Kris pulled her back into his arms and gently rubbed her back to try and calm her down.
"You did the right thing sweetie and I think we need to leave your parents pool house for a while if you want to" Kris suggested.
Maddy pulled from Kris and nodded her head and Kris got up from the sofa and held out his hand to Maddy how took it and he helped her up.

They went upstairs to pack some bags and Kris called a nice hotel near the Consol Arena to reserve a room. Kris took the bags and Maddy grabbed her purse and another smaller bag. They packed up Kris's SUV and headed to the hotel. Maddy was so grateful that Kris would do this for her that she did not know how to thank him.

"Kris, you are so wonderful and I do not know what I would do without you sometimes" Maddy said starting to get upset again. Kris took her hand in his and kissed it.
"Maddy, I told you I would do anything for you because I love you and care about you forever. You are the other part of me and I know you would do the same for me so just relax and we can have a few days alone to enjoy" Kris said with a smile and made Maddy blush.
"I love you Kris" Maddy said leaning over to kiss Kris's cheek as they drove to the hotel.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Chapter 14

****Warning Adult Content****

Maddy was showing off her her engagement ring to her parents one afternoon at lunch.
Her mother was admiring the ring at one point and then looked skeptical at her daughter.

"Madeline, did Kris ask you to marry him because he loves you or because you are having his babies?"
Maddy's eyes widened in shock and she got up from her chair, "How dare you mother! How dare you! Who do you think you are anyway? Kris and I love each other and we are engaged because its the next step in our relationship. I really wonder about you and your snobbishness. I am leaving".
Maddy's father got up from his chair and put his hand on Maddy's shoulder, "Sweetie. please sit back down and let's talk about this wonderful news a little more calmer".
Maddy sat back down and then glared at her mom.
"Maddy we just want to make sure you are happy and getting married for the right reasons to Kris" said Timothy, Maddy's dad. Maddy's mom, Ann nodded her head but Maddy did not believe anything her mom was doing or saying.
"Fine, but I love Kris and he loves me too and our engagement has nothing to do with the fact that I am pregnant. I have loved him since before we were kidnapped and I always will love him" Maddy said dreamily.
"Madeline, I love you baby and want you to be happy just like me and your father" Ann said and then moved to hug her daughter.
Maddy let her mom hug her and she hugged her back and said, "I am happy and I know you guys just want the best for me and I love you for that".
"Yes we do sweetie" her parents said and smiled.

Later on that evening Maddy was on her laptop in the bedroom waiting on Kris to get back from hanging out with his friends. While she was checking her email she had a funny feeling come over her. It was like butterflies in her abdomen were having a a party and it made her smile. Her mother had said that the first time she really felt Maddy growing inside her it felt like butterflies flying in her abdomen so Maddy realized she finally had felt her babies moving around in her womb.

She was watching her abdomen and in her own little world when Kris walked into the room.

"Hey Maddy, hey" Kris said sitting down next to Maddy.
"Oh hey" Maddy said still memorized by her abdomen.
"Why are you looking at her stomach?" Kris asked looking confused.
"Huh what?" Maddy said.
"Why are you staring at your stomach baby?"
"Oh I officially felt the first real signs that the twins are in my womb and moving around" Maddy said cheerfully with a huge smile on her face.
"Really that is amazing sweetheart" he said pulling Maddy close to kiss her deeply and before Maddy realized it they were slowly taking off their clothes and kissing and touching each other intimately. Kris kissed Maddy's lips and then he moved to her collarbone and that made Maddy cry out Kris's name over and over. Kris continued his kissed all over Maddy's body until he got to her most intimate spot and he took extra special time to pleasure Maddy. She cried out as her first orgasm hit her powerfully. Kris moved back up to looked into Maddy's beautiful eyes and he said, "I love you sweetheart" and then he entered her gently and the moved in and out of her several times and then Maddy had another powerful orgasm and then when he felt that Maddy was satisfied he let himself go and enjoy his orgasm too. Kris emptied his seed into Maddy's womb and then they collapsed in a happy heap in each others arms.

"I love you Kris" Maddy said smiling at Kris and he kissed her again.
"I love you more Maddy and I love you two little babies" Kris said then kissing Maddy's abdomen.
Then they fell asleep in each others arms and slept peacefully snuggled together.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Chapter 13

Maddy was chilling out in the bedroom looking at wedding magazines. She kept hoping in the back of her mind that Kris was going to ask her to marry him. She knew Kris loved her and wanted to be with her forever and she wanted the same.

She was still looking at the magazines when her cell phone started ringing and she looked at it to see Kris calling, "Hey".
"Hey Maddy" Kris said.
"What's up" Maddy asked.
"I was just calling you to see what you wanted for dinner. I figured since I was out and you need rest that I would get some food for us and we could have a relaxing evening at home tonight" Kris explained.
"I am kinda craving Chinese food so that would be awesome" Maddy said and then hearing her stomach growl.
"Sounds good sweetie. I will see you soon. Je t'aime".
"Je t'aime Kris".

Kris showed up and then called out to Maddy, "Hey sweetheart, I am home with Chinese food you requested".
"I am in the bedroom" Maddy called back.

Kris walked in and saw Maddy sitting still looking at wedding magazines. She looked up at Kris and smiled when he walked into the room.

"Hey" Maddy said smiling and her smile was contagious and Kris smiled back and came over and sat down next to her.
"I see you are looking at wedding dresses. Who is getting married?" Kris asked with a smirk.
"Me hopefully" Maddy said batting her eyes at Kris.
"Who are you marrying?" Kris joking asked.
"He is tall, gorgeous, his eyes are heaven to me. He has sexy hair that I love to run my fingers through. He loves me completely and has been my best friend forever and he has helped me through so much in my life. Oh and he is the father to my unborn twins" Maddy said and looked at Kris who smiled at her and leaned down to kiss Maddy.
"Je t'aime beaucoup" Kris said pulling Maddy into his arms.
"So are you going to ask me to marry you because I want to be with you?" Maddy asked seriously.
Kris thought for a moment and then got up and went into the closet and Maddy looked at Kris with curiosity. He came back out and then walked over to Maddy and put his hand out and she took his hand and he walked with her to the balcony off the bedroom.

They got out onto the balcony and Kris told Maddy to sit on the chair and she did and then watched Kris who started to pace in front of her. Then he knelt in front of her and took her left hand in his hand.

"Maddy you have been through so much recently and I do not want you to have to deal with anymore craziness. I want you to have all your dreams come true and I will love you and only you forever so Madeline be my partner in defense and life?" Kris said placing a ring he had been keeping around in a secret place at their home.
Maddy eyes widened at the beautiful princess cut diamond ring that Kris placed on her finger and all she could do was nod her head, yes.
"Is that a yes, sweetie" Kris asked smiling at Maddy.
Maddy finally found her voice and said, "Yes, yes, yes! I want to marry you".

Maddy jumped out of the chair and into Kris's arms and luckily Kris was able to keep his balance so they did not fall down onto the hard balcony floor. Kris carefully got both of them up to a standing position and held Maddy close. Maddy kept looking at her finger with the ring on it. Kris laughed as he tried to kiss Maddy but she turned her face and he ended up kissing her cheek.

"I am guessing you like your ring?" he asked.
Maddy still staring at it said, "Yes I do and its wonderful and perfect".
"I am happy you love it oh I forgot its engraved on the inside".
Maddy took the ring off to look on the inside to see that it was engraved with, 'Madeline and Kristopher Forever in Love'.
"Awwwww Kris you are wonderful" Maddy said finally looking up at Kris and giving him a proper kiss.