Saturday, December 10, 2011

Chapter 27

Ten months later Kris and Maddy had another set of beautiful set of twins. A boy and a girl again. Tabitha Madison Letang and Tristan Mitchell Letang were adorable little babies and Maddy and Kris were exhausted parents. Lucy and Luc were excited about being big sister and big brother to the babies.

Maddy was at home relaxing with the babies one morning. Luckily the twins were in preschool so Maddy had some time to herself. Kris was coming home from practice and bringing the two of them lunch.

Kris walked into the house and it was quiet. He put down the bags of food and kicked off his shoes and then wandered into the house. He walked up the stairs and checked in the nursery and saw that Tabitha and Tristan were sleeping. He smiled and fixed both of the twins blankets and then walked down to their bedroom. He walked into see Maddy sleeping and looked like an angel. He walked to the bed laid down next to Maddy facing her. He touched her cheek and then leaned down and kissed her lips gently. He smiled to himself as he watched Maddy sleep. Luckily this pregnancy had gone smoothly for Maddy and the twins were healthy little miracles. Before Kris realized it he feel asleep snuggled next to Maddy.

A cry startled Kris and Maddy and they both woke up and Maddy saw Kris and smiled.

"Hey" Maddy said smiling.
"Hey" Kris said kissing Maddy gently again, "I will get them you stay put".
Maddy sighed and laid back down and watch Kris walk out of the bedroom to deal with two crying babies. A few minutes later Kris walked back into the bedroom with two adorable babies in his arms. He handed Maddy, Tabitha and he kept Tristan and sat back down on the bed.

Maddy laid Tabitha on the bed and smiled at her new baby daughter and Kris laid Tristan down next to his sister. The babies just giggled and made baby noises.

"They are so precious" Maddy said looking at Kris and he smiled at her.
"They are amazing" Kris said and leaned over to Maddy and kissed her.
They played with their children and then had lunch.

After lunch Kris went to get Lucy and Luc at daycare and brought them home and it was then family time at home.


Life was busy in the Letang household with two sets of twins but Kris and Maddy worked it out. Kris and Maddy were very much in love and had been through so many adventures but they made it and were stronger for everything. Life was happy and full of love and that was all that matter with Kris and Maddy.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Chapter 26


Now that Maddy's mom was cool with Maddy being with Kris, life was a lot calmer and more relaxed. Which meant that Maddy and Kris's intimate relationship was more intense. Maddy was enjoying all the attention from Kris in the bedroom. One night they were snuggled together after an amazing round of lovemaking. Maddy leaned up on Kris's chest and just watched him. He had his eyes closed and he looked so peaceful and relaxed which made Maddy happy.

"Why are you staring at me" Kris said startling Maddy and he laughed.
"You scared me dude" Maddy said playfully hitting Kris on the arm.
Kris then used his strength and flipped Maddy on her back while he got on top of her.
"Dude what are you doing?" Maddy said as Kris then started nibbling on her earlobe which made Maddy giggle.
Kris continued his assault on Maddy's ear and then neck as she squealed in delight at what he was doing to her. Not surprisingly this make out session lead to another round of lovemaking which was more fun but just as special.


A few weeks later Maddy was playing with the twins in the den. Kris was at practice and was coming home bringing lunch for everyone which was always a treat for the twins.

All three of them were working building with Legos and designing buildings when Kris came into the room. He stopped at the door to watch his wife and kids play until Luc turned and saw his dad.

"Daddy" Luc called out which made Lucy and Maddy look over at Kris. The twins jumped up fast and ran over to Kris and jumped all around him. He smiled at his kids and knelt down to get on their level. The hugged their dad and he hugged them back. Maddy got up from the floor and watched as Lucy and Luc attacked their dad. It was funny to Maddy and she just giggled at the sight.

"Ok kiddos lets go and wash your hands for lunch" Maddy finally said so that Kris could get up and get lunch ready. Luc and Lucy ran off to wash their hands and Kris walked over to Maddy and pulled her to him, "Hey gorgeous" Kris said and then kissed Maddy.
"Hey hot stuff. How was practice?" Maddy asked.
"Tough as always but it was needed and felt good" Kris said smiling and then kissing Maddy again and then the kids ran back in saying, "We're hungry".
Kris brought out the bags of Chinese food as he opened one particular bag the smell hit Maddy and she felt a major wave of nausea. She quickly ran out of the room and into the bathroom. Kris gave the kids some food and then went to check on Maddy.

"Hey sweetheart are you ok?" Kris asked looking concerned as Maddy washed her face off and looked at Kris.
"Yeah the smell of the food made me nauseous" Maddy laughed and shrugged her shoulders.
"You love Chinese food so I do not get it?" Kris said still looking worried.
Maddy walked over to Kris and took his hand in hers and placed it on her abdomen and said, "More than likely its not that I do not like the food but the baby might not be a fan". And Kris looked at Maddy with wide eyes, "Seriously?"
"Yeah I took a pregnancy test the other day just out of my curiosity and it was positive" Maddy said smiling.
"Oh Maddy this is wonderful news after all we have been through" Kris said hugging Maddy close.
"I know right and I am taking it easy so this pregnancy has no drama" Maddy giggled.
"I just hope its not twins again because that was an adventure" Kris laughed and Maddy laughed too.

They headed back into the kitchen and enjoyed a nice lunch with the twins. It was a nice relaxing afternoon for the family. Then that evening they all headed to the Consol Center for a game.


A couple months later on Maddy and Kris were at the doctor's office for an ultra sound to see how the baby was doing. Maddy had been feeling really rough during this pregnancy and Kris was concerned because he did not like Maddy not feeling well or getting hurt. She was so precious to him and he knew she had been through so much and she needed lots of good things instead of bad.

Finally the nurse called Maddy in and she and Kris walked into the room. Maddy got situated on the table while the nurse got the ultra sound machine ready to check out Maddy's baby. The nurse put the ultra sound goo on Maddy's abdomen and started checking out the baby on the monitor.

"The baby looks good and if you look there you can see the head and the arms. Oh wait what's that" the nurse said which made Maddy and Kris look at each other.
"What's wrong?" Kris and Maddy said in unison.
"Nothings wrong but it looks like you guys are having twins" the nurse said smiling.
Kris and Maddy looked at each other in shock. Maddy said, "Twins again" and Kris just shook his head.

When Kris and Maddy got home they both just sat on the sofa next to each other. Maddy looked at Kris watched as he just looked at his hands.
"Hey hot stuff its going to be ok" Maddy said reaching for one of Kris's hand. He leaned back on the sofa and looked at Maddy.
"I still just do not get our luck with this twin thing. I really just think its crazy but I am glad we had Luc and Lucy so we have the experience and will not be to out of our league".
"Yeah and I think its amazing but wonderful that we were able to get pregnant again so soon after my miscarriage".
Kris looked at Maddy and pulled her close to him, "Yes I am happy about that too and did I tell you sweetheart that I love you so much today?" Kris asked.
"Yes but I love hearing it over and over from you" Maddy said smiling and sat up to kiss Kris. The kiss got more heated by Maddy and she moved to sit on Kris's lap. Kris moved his hands under Maddy's shirt and let his hands wander over her body. Before Maddy realized it she was naked as well as Kris.

He laid Maddy down on the sofa and started to kiss her neck and then moved down to her collarbone and Maddy squealed at the amazing feelings Kris was giving her. He moved down further to her breasts and suckled each one of them and Maddy was losing it more at what Kris was doing to her body. He moved down to her abdomen and kissed it and then moved between her thighs and kissed the inside of her thighs and then caressed her clitoris with his fingers and making Maddy squirm more. Then he leaned down and kiss her in her most intimate spot and Maddy lost it and Kris knew she would. She screamed his name several times which was music to Kris's ears. He smirked at himself knowing he had pleasured Maddy with his magic lips.

Kris moved back up to Maddy and kissed her hard again and then he entered her gently. Maddy moved her legs around Kris's waist so he could go deeper inside.
Kris thought he was going to lose it at because Maddy felt so tight and wet. It was perfect and wonderful. Kris moved in and out of Maddy several times before they both felt powerful orgasms. Maddy cried out Kris's name over and over and Kris swore under his breath as they both exploded together in ecstasy. Kris collapsed on top of Maddy and she held Kris close as they both calmed down from their amazing lovemaking.

Kris moved off of Maddy and pulled her to him. He needed to hold her close and Maddy enjoyed the closeness. She snuggled against her husband and sighed in contentment. Maddy felt so loved and happy at this moment.

"Maddy you ok?" Kris asked kissing the top of her head.
"I am and I love you" Maddy said and looked up at Kris and he smiled.
"Je t'aime Madeline" Kris said and then kissed Maddy again.
"Hey Kris, I know you are still a little bit in shock about these twins but we will work it all out because we can do anything together" Maddy said.
"And we love each other" Kris said as he held Maddy close.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Chapter 25

A few weeks later Kris and Maddy were both home from the hospital but were both still recovering from the wreak. They were relaxing in the den with Maddy's parents and the twins. Kris knew that Maddy's mom, Ann, was not his biggest fan so he was purposely holding Maddy close and kissing her or whispering into her ear just to bug Ann. Maddy knew what was Kris was doing and just played along. Maddy noticed that her mom was irritated at the two of them but Maddy did not care and she was enjoying the attention Kris was giving her.

After a little bit Ann got up after a little while and headed into the kitchen to get away from the overly sickening display of affection that Kris was showing her daughter. Ann still could not figure out why Maddy was so love with Kris. She was trying to busy herself by making a snack for the twins when Maddy walked in and jumped onto the counter.

"Mom was is your deal with Kris?" Maddy asked even though she knew the answer.
"Sweetie you are my baby and I guess I really want to know why you love Kristopher so much? Just explain it to me" Ann said walking over to Maddy and leaning against the counter that Maddy was sitting on.
Maddy bit her lip and thought for a moment, "Kris just makes me happy and he makes me smile. When he holds me, I know I am safe and that nothing can hurt me because he will not let anything happen. He makes me laugh and he bugs me at the same time but it works. We understand each other and know the others thoughts. We are soul mates, partners and best friends and it just works. That is why we are in love".
Ann smiled at her daughter, "Madeline, I understand now why you love him and I am going to stop being so stubborn about not wanting you two to be together. I guess I just never gave you a chance to really explain it and I did not want to hear it. But I see it in your eyes and I am now accepting you and Kris as a couple and love you and just want you to be really happy".
"Oh mom thank you so much and I love you too" Maddy said jumping off the counter and they hugged.

At that moment Kris walked into the kitchen and stopped and was about to turn around when Maddy saw him.

"Kris come here" Maddy said and Kris walked over to where Maddy and Ann were standing.
"Kristopher, let me just say that Madeline finally explained to me that you love her more than anything and I know she is happy and you will take good care of her and your children. I am not going to try and break you two up anymore and I accept your marriage and life together" Ann said and giving Kris a hug which surprised Kris and he looked over at Maddy and she smiled.

Ann pulled back and just smiled and reached her hand out to Maddy and pulled her to Kris and Maddy leaned in against Kris and then Ann walked out of the kitchen.

"What was that all about?" Kris asked looking very confused. Maddy just laughed at poor confused Kris and then just leaned up on her tiptoes to kiss him and then she said, "We just got our official blessing from my mom and no more of her telling me that you are not good enough for me".
"Good because no matter what you are stuck with me forever, Maddy. I love you" Kris said kissing Maddy again.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Chapter 24

****Warning Adult Themes****

Maddy's dad left to give Maddy some time to think about the fact that she had been pregnant and now because of the accident she was not pregnant. Maddy put her hand on her abdomen and closed her eyes and starting thinking back to when this baby had been conceived.

****Two Months Earlier****

Kris knew that Maddy was having a hard time leaving the twins in the hospital so he planned a romantic weekend at home. Kris had set up the bedroom with roses and candles. Everything was set up perfectly and Kris closed the door and went to find Maddy who was napping on the sofa in the den. He smiled as he looked at her as she slept. He walked over to the sofa and knelt down next to it and he gently pushed Maddy's hair out of her face and leaned down and kissed her.

Maddy's eyes fluttered and she looked up at Kris.

"Hey gorgeous" Kris said and kissed Maddy again and they both giggled.
"Hey hotstuff" Maddy joked and Kris smiled his quirky smile that made Maddy melt.

Maddy sat up and Kris sat next to her and pulled her onto his lap. Maddy snuggled into Kris's chest as Kris held her close.

"I have a surprise for you" Kris said and Maddy raised her eyebrows and looked unsure.
"Really?" she asked slightly confused.
"Yes and its because I know you really hate that the twins are still at the hospital and you are home so I think we need a special night together" he said.
Maddy smiled at Kris and he leaned in for a magical kiss that made Maddy's toes curl.

Kris got up holding Maddy in his strong arms and took her into the bedroom. He opened the door and Maddy's eyes went wide, "Oh my god Kris this is gorgeous". Kris smiled and kissed Maddy's cheek. He gently laid Maddy on the bed and knelt over her. He looked at her and she looked at him. They just stared into each others eyes for a few minutes and then Kris helped Maddy out of her clothes and then he got naked quickly too.

Kris kissed Maddy under her ear which was one of her sweet spots and then he moved down to her collarbone with more kisses. Maddy squirmed and giggled at Kris's kisses. He moved to her breasts and suckled each one and Maddy enjoying every moment. Maddy lost it when Kris moved further down to her abdomen and then between her legs. He knew exactly where Maddy's sweet spots were and then he kissed her clitoris and Maddy cried out, "Kristopher yes yes".

Kris then moved back up kissing Maddy more and then he gently entered Maddy. She was so wet and tight and Kris swore under his breath. He moved in and out of Maddy until she felt a powerful orgasm. Kris felt Maddy tighten against him and he emptied his seed into her womb. It was magical for both Maddy and Kris. Then Kris collapsed on top of Maddy as she held him close. Kris finally moved off of Maddy and pulled her to him, "I love you Madeline".
"I love you Kristopher and this was so special. Thank you" Maddy said.
"You are welcome and I am so happy to see you smile. That makes me happy" Kris smiled and kissed Maddy again which ended up leading to another round of magical lovemaking.

****End of Flashback****

"Maddy, Maddy are you awake" a voice was calling her and she opened her eyes and saw Kris sitting on her bed.

"Hey sweetheart, are you ok?" Kris asked taking Maddy's hand in his hand.
"Yeah sorry Kris, I just was thinking about something that I need to tell you but its not good news" Maddy said as tears filled her eyes.
"What baby, tell me. I am here for you" Kris said looking at Maddy intently.
"I lost our baby because of the accident. The doctor said they had to abort the baby I was carrying so I could survive" Maddy explained and she looked up at Kris and he looked at Maddy and pulled her close.
"I love you Maddy and I am so sorry we lost our baby...." was all Kris could get out before he started to cry. Maddy and Kris held each other and cried together for the loss of their baby.

Kris pulled back at one point and kissed Maddy and they looked into each other eyes and at that moment they both knew everything would be fine and their love, friendship, and relationship would be stronger no matter what life threw at them.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Chapter 23

Life seemed awesome for Kris and Maddy and the twins. But life likes to throw curve balls too and one was about to show up.

Maddy and Kris were out at an event for the Penguins organization and having fun. The twins were being babysat by Maddy's parents. Maddy and Kris were heading to the car and they got in and headed out. They were driving along and Kris looked out the review mirror and saw a van that seemed to be following them. Kris then looked at Maddy and did not want to worry her so he changed lanes just to see what the van would do. It did the same thing and now Kris was concerned for their safely. Maddy noticed that Kris seemed tense and kept checking the review mirror.

"Kris what's going on?" Maddy asked looking at Kris.
"Nothing" Kris said trying to stay calm.
"That's not true and slow down we are not in a race" Maddy said freaking out.
"Sorry baby but there is a van following us and something feels oddly familiar" Kris said still driving like he was a race car driver. Maddy turned to see the van and said, "Push it Kris move".

Kris and Maddy zoomed around and the van continued to follow them. Kris was trying to be careful but at one point out of no where Kris over guessed a turn and the car crashed and then flipped. The van sped off and left Kris and Maddy in their smashed up car.

Maddy's parents were starting to get worried about Maddy.

"Where is she" her mother said, "They should have been home hours ago. I am really worried".
"OK let me call some people and see if I can find out what happened to Maddy and Kris" Maddy's father said and got his cellphone out and started making calls.

Meanwhile at the hospital Kris and Maddy were both in surgery to save their lives.

Maddy's father finally found out that Kris and Maddy had been in an accident and were at the hospital. Maddy's parents got the twins out of bed and they all went to the hospital.

When her parents got there they found the doctor.

"How is my daughter, Madeline Letang" Maddy's mother asked.
"We need to abort the baby she is carrying or else she might not make it" the doctor said.
Maddy's parents eyes widened when they heard what the doctor just said but they agreed to let the doctor abort the baby because they wanted their daughter to live. The doctor also said that Kris would be fine too.

Several hours later Maddy was out of recovery and in a room. She saw her parents and the twins all looking at her.

"Mom, Dad why am I in the hospital? What happened?" Maddy asked.
"You and Kris were in a car accident but you will be fine and so will Kris" her dad said.
"Kris is good too. That makes me feel better. I wish I could see him" Maddy said starting to tear up.
"You will but right now you need rest" her mother said and then walked over and gave her a quick kiss on her forehead and motioned to Maddy's father and they all including the twins headed out of the room to let Maddy sleep.

When they were out of the room Maddy's father stopped Maddy's mother and said, "She needs to know she lost her baby"
"She does not need to know she was pregnant" her mother said.
"Yes she does and so does Kris. It was their child and I am going to tell her. I know you still have a hard time with her being married to Kris but he is good to her and loves Madeline more than anyone" Maddy's father said and walked back into Maddy's room.

"Maddy, sweetheart" Maddy's father said and Maddy opened her eyes and looked up at her father.
"Yes daddy"
Her dad sat down next to her and took her hand, "Maddy there is something you need to know and its going to be hard to take but you need to know".
"Is is Kris? Is he not going to be ok?"
"Kris is fine. Actually Maddy you were pregnant and the doctor said that he had to abort the baby so that you would survive. I am so sorry baby" Maddy's father said pulling Maddy into his arms as she cried.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Chapter 22

****Warning Adult Content****

The twins were finally coming home after 3 months of getting healthier. Maddy was thrilled that her babies were finally coming home. The nursery was complete thanks to Kris and ready for Luc and Lucy.

Kris and Maddy were heading to the hospital to pick of the twins and Maddy could not keep her excitement hidden.

"Kris, they are coming home. Oh my gosh I am so happy and this is probably the best day ever" Maddy said with a huge grin.
"The best day ever? What about our wedding, honeymoon, finding out we were having the twins or the day I met you for the first time?" Kris asked sounding disappointed and then giving Maddy a sad puppy dog face.
Maddy rolled her eyes and said, "Fine today is one of the bestest days ever in my life. You are right all those other days are amazing too."
"I feel better now" Kris joked with Maddy.

They got to the hospital and up to the neonatal unit. Maddy practically ran to the window of the nursery and just stopped to look at the babies. Kris smiled at Maddy and finally caught up to her and put his arm around her waist and kissed her temple. Maddy turned to look at Kris and smiled at him and kiss him on the lips.

"We get them today" Maddy smiled and Kris smiled too.

The doctor came out and talked to Maddy and Kris to explain the raising of preemies. Finally the nurses came out with Luc and Lucy and gave them to their parents. It was time to take home the babies.

Kris helped Maddy get Luc and Lucy into their car seats to head home. They were all settled in and off they headed home.

When they got home, Maddy rushed out of the car to get her babies out of the car and into the house. Kris had a hard time keeping up with Maddy because she was going a thousand miles a minute with excitement that her babies were finally home.

They got the twins out of their car seats and laid them on a blanket in the living room and Maddy just sat next to them and watched them intently. Maddy had finally settled herself down and was calm and still for the first time that day which surprised Kris but at least now he could catch his breath.

Kris watched Luc and Lucy too with amazement. They were so little and seemed to have personalities. The twins kicked their little legs in the air and made little baby sounds. It was music to both Kris and Maddy's ears.

"Oh my god they are home and now we have to take care of them. Gosh I know they told me what to do but I am so overwhelmed that they are here now" Maddy said.
"It will all come naturally, Maddy" Kris said and took her hand in his and she smiled at him. Then out of no where Luc started to cry and Maddy jumped to pick him up and he snuggled against her cheek which Maddy had been told was a sign that a baby was hungry so it was time to feed Luc.

"It looks like its time for me flash you, Kris" Maddy joked and took off her shirt and maneuver her bra so that Luc to breastfeed. Maddy moved to sit with her back against the sofa and Luc quickly latched on to her breast. Maddy held her baby close and enjoyed the connection with her baby boy. It seemed at that moment Lucy decided to have a fit too and Maddy's eyes went wide.

"I can not feed two at once" Maddy said freaking out.
"Relax Maddy and I will just hold her until its her turn" Kris said picking up Lucy and holding her in his arms. It seemed to pacify Lucy for the time being but she was still slightly fussy. Maddy finished with Luc and then gave Lucy her breast to suckle.

Finally all the feedings were done and both Luc and Lucy were exhausted so Kris and Maddy put them in their bassinets for the night.

"Maddy they are fine come to bed" Kris said as Maddy did one more last check on Luc and Lucy and then finally went to cuddle with Kris.
"Now I think I need another strip tease from you" Kris joked as Maddy playfully pushed him but he flipped them so he was on top of Maddy and started to attacking her neck.
"Kris, the babies are like inches away from us" Maddy said but was giggling too at what Kris was doing to her.
"They are very young and clueless about what we are going to be doing. Plus I will kiss you enough so they will never hear you because I know you can be loud when you scream my name during our lovemaking" Kris smirked again and slowly started getting Maddy naked for their enjoyment.

Finally they were both naked and Kris started touching Maddy and Maddy going crazy but she knew how to make Kris lose his mind too. They were both giggling and trying to be quiet so they would not wake the twins. Kris got his own chance to suckle Maddy's breasts and then he moved down to kiss her stomach which drove her bananas. "Kris oh geez. Oh wow yes Kris" Maddy continued to lose it more when Kris kissed her clitoris and then he moved back up kissing her everywhere and then he gently slid into her tight wetness. Before she could cry out Kris was kissing her deeply on the lips. Kris continued to move in and out of Maddy gently yet powerfully to let them both enjoy their lovemaking. Finally Maddy felt a powerful orgasm hit her and she buried her face in Kris's neck to muffle her scream. Kris felt Maddy's orgasm hit her which made her tighten up on him and he lost it too and swore under his breath as he spilled his seed into her womb.

They collapsed in each others arms after their intense lovemaking. Maddy held Kris close enjoying their connection. Kris moved off of Maddy but pulled her to his chest to snuggle with her.

Maddy looked up at Kris, who had his eyes close for a moment and she smiled, "Hey hotstuff you know you just rocked my world with your many talents". Kris smirked and opened his eyes and kissed Maddy and then said, "Hey I am a talented man so what can else can I say". They both laughed and fell asleep.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Chapter 21

Maddy was being released from the hospital but the twins had to stay in the NICU unit until they were healthy to go home. Maddy did not want to leave her babies behind but she knew they needed special care by the doctors and nurses so that helped Maddy's mind.

Maddy and Kris were in the car heading home and Maddy looked out the window at the hospital and a tear feel down her cheek. She quickly wiped it away because she did not want Kris to know she was crying but he figured it out anyway.

"Maddy its going to be ok" Kris said grabbing her hand as she tired to hide more tears.
"Its not fair Kris!"
"I know but they will be home soon".
"They should be in the car with us now like normal new mothers" Maddy sighed.
"Yes they should be they wanted to see the world early so that gives us more time to make their nursery even better" Kris said trying to lighten the mood and calm Maddy down.
"Oh my word, we have not gotten the nursery finished but you are right we have some time now. Not my idea of the best time but you are right they needed to meet the world early because they are Letangs" Maddy said which made Kris grin brightly.

A few days later after Kris and Maddy had gone to visit the twins they were at home working on the nursery. Maddy was told to take it easy which she was by telling Kris where to put everything and once in a while she would pick up something light and put it somewhere in the room. Kris just shook his head but knew that Maddy was just following the doctors orders.

They finished the nursery and were standing in the middle of the room and looking at what they had done.

"Its amazing" Maddy said as Kris held her close.
"Yeah well actually I did most of the work so it has my amazing touch all over it" Kris bragged which earned him a punch in the abdomen by Maddy.
"Ouch" Kris yelped.
"Oh the boy hockey boy is hurt and sad because a girl punched him" Maddy laughed and tried to move away but Kris picked her up and threw her over his shoulder.
"Gotcha now Maddy" Kris said as he walked them back to the bedroom. He proceeded to throw Maddy onto the bed and knelt above her and smirked.
"Now you are my prisoner" Kris joked.
"Oh if only I had a strong handsome hero to save me" Maddy joked back and tried to escape but Kris held her and then proceeded to kiss her senseless.
"If you are good I will not torture you" Kris said continuing his kissing attack on Maddy. Maddy giggled and played along and before they both knew it, it was dinner time and they decided to go out to eat.

After dinner Kris drove Maddy to a local park to take a walk. They walked together in a relaxed silence enjoying the views. Maddy enjoyed just holding Kris's hand and being in the fresh air. There were other people out walking and playing and Maddy realized that even though the babies were in the hospital she and Kris would have them home before she knew it.

As they were walking along Kris looked over at a family and smiled and then he turned to Maddy, "Maddy, I know you just had the twins and I swore I only wanted one child do you want to have more kids?"
Maddy's eyes widened in surprise but she smiled and leaned her head on Kris's shoulder, "Yeah I think I do want to have more kids. I know having the twins was an experience that I will never forget but I definitely want more babies with you".

Kris smiled at Maddy and stopped walking and pulled her close and kissed her deeply and then they continued their walk.