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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Chapter 9

Maddy was going to be released from the hospital soon but she was not completely sure what their relationship status was exactly so she decided to ask Kris.

"Kris" Maddy said sitting next to him on his bed.
"Yes beautiful" Kris said smiling at Maddy.
"What are we?" she asked with a confused look.
Kris looked at Maddy and took her hand in his, "What do you mean what are we?"
"Are we you know together or I do not know?"
"You are the mother of my child and the woman I love, Maddy" Kris said.
Maddy did not like Kris's answer and got up and went to sit on her bed and pulled her legs close to her body.
"Why did you leave me?" Kris asked confused, "Come back".
"I need more committed relationship with you or its nothing, Kris. I need the man I love to want to be with me. Not just sleep with me and get me pregnant and claim they love me when they do not know what I am to them" Maddy stated strongly.
"Maddy, I am not like that. I did not just sleep with you, we made love several times and we created a life that is now growing inside of you. I do not get where you are getting this crap that I just slept with you to knock you up and not be in a committed relationship" an exasperated Kris said.
"Then tell me what I want to hear" Maddy countered back.
"Maddy will you be my girlfriend?" Kris asked and Maddy smiled brightly and nodded.
She got up from her bed and climbed back into Kris's bed and snuggled next to him. "I guess now we need to move in together" Kris said and Maddy looked up at him and bit her lip.
"Do you want to live together?" she asked.
"More than anything" Kris said leaning down and kiss Maddy as his hand moved and stopped on her abdomen, "Hey little guy do you want mommy and daddy to live together?" Kris then asked the baby.
"What did the baby say?" Maddy asked looking at Kris.
"He said yes" Kris joked.
"Is that right?"
"Oh yes it is very right so when I can get out of here we need to find a place that will be ours" Kris suggested.
"I would love it Kris and now you need to get healthy".
"I will and you need to take care of yourself and our baby".
"Of course I will take care of our baby" Maddy said and then kissed Kris.

A few days later Maddy was finally leaving the hospital but she did not want to leave Kris but he told her she had been through so much and needed to go home. Maddy agreed and kissed him but promised to be back a lot to visit.

When Maddy got back to her parents pool house where she lived and she went over to her bed and flopped down on it. She had forgotten how comfy her bed was and how wonderful it was to open a window and see daylight.

Maddy walked over to her mirror on the back of her bedroom door and turned sideways and put her hand on her abdomen. She looked down at her hand and still could not believe there was a baby growing inside of her.

"Hey baby, its your mother here. I can not believe you are here and I am going to do my best to make sure your life is happy. And I know your dad is happy that you are coming into our life" Maddy was talking to her baby when she heard a knock down at the main door to the pool house. She walked down to the front door and looked through the peephole and saw her mother. Maddy opened the door to let her mother in, "Hey mom, what's up?".
"I just wanted to see how you were doing. You have been through a lot darling so I was just checking on you" her mother said.
"I am fine mom" Maddy said sitting down on a chair next to the sofa where her mother was sitting.
"Maddy, I know that you are pregnant and that Kris is the father. What does Kris think about the baby? Does he want to be a father or marry you or what darling?"
"Kris and I are going to move in together when he gets out of the hospital and then I hope he will ask me to marry him because that is what I want" Maddy said sighing and hoping that answer would make her mother happy.
"I hope he marries you too because it would look bad for the family if we had our only daughter unmarried and pregnant" Maddy's mom, Ann said.
"Seriously mom you are worried about the family's status at this time. Give me a break. I just got out of the hospital after being kidnapped and beaten and almost raped and you are freaking out about me being unmarried and pregnant. Leave my place now. I need rest" Maddy screamed and Ann got up looked shocked and left the the pool house.

Maddy stood up and watched her mother leave. She could not believe what had just happened. She went back upstairs and headed to her bedroom and laid down for nap. She dreamed about Kris and how wonderful he had been towards her when they were being held captive. He was so loving and sweet towards her. Maddy felt lucky and happy with Kris and that was all that mattered.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chapter 8

Kris and Maddy were both having to stay in the hospital to get healthy after their harrowing time while being kept captive. Maddy's baby was surprising doing well considering everything that had happened. Maddy was able to get out of bed and go and sit with Kris, who was still hooked up to several machines to make sure he will get better sooner.

One day Maddy was sitting next to Kris and reading him get well cards that family, friends and fans had sent. Kris was enjoying all the cards and was laughing when Maddy would read ones from fans. Some fans were really humorous and loved him dearly but some were a little crazy.

"Kris, these are hilarious and your fans love you" Maddy laughed as she looked at the last one she had just read.
"Hey what can I say I am popular and loved around the world" Kris joked.
Maddy just shook her head and picked up another card and was about to read it when Kris stopped her and said, "Maddy, hey are you ok?"
"Yes, why?"
"You are jealous of my fans and their love for me" Kris smirked.
"No, I am not jealous. I have no reason to be jealous because I am secure that you love me and you are my best friend" Maddy smiled happily.
"Good to know you are not jealous of my fans but you are not my best friend but my girlfriend and the only woman I love forever" Kris said smiling and took his hand and pulled Maddy's face to his and kissed her deeply.

"Excuse me" a voice said and Maddy and Kris pulled apart, "Sorry to interrupt but I need to check on you both" the nurse said.
Maddy got off of Kris's bed and went to hers and blushed. Kris looked at Maddy and just laughed because she looked so cute when she blushed and was embarrassed. That made Kris love her even more.

The nurse checked both of them out and then left and Kris patted the spot where Maddy had been just few minutes ago and she got up and went back to her spot and snuggled next to Kris as careful as possible. He smiled as she laid next to him and they both ended up falling asleep.

A few of Kris's teammates decided to come and visit him at the hospital that afternoon. Jordan, Max, and Marc Andre headed to Kris's room and walked in and saw Maddy and Kris out cold in Kris's bed.

"Tanger gets lucky in the freaking hospital? How is that even possible?" Max questioned and the other guys laughed which caused Maddy and Kris to stir. Maddy and Kris both turn to see several Pens players staring at them snuggled together in Kris's hospital bed.
"Tanger, you are one lucky dude having a hottie in bed with you at the hospital" Jordan joked and Kris rolled his eyes.
"Yeah Tanger, you never get that lucky with the ladies in other settings but in the hospital you get lucky" Marc Andre laughed too.
"Hahaha you guys are such comedians. And you guys know Madaline" Kris said slightly annoyed.
"Yeah we know Madaline. How are you doing darling?" Max asked using his charming voice that would make most girls get naked instantly for Max.
"Hey Max, I am doing well even though both of us have been through a lot recently" Maddy said smirking to herself.
"That is great to hear" Max said.
"Well if you guys will excuse me for a moment" Maddy said going into the bathroom connected to their room.
After Maddy was in the bathroom the guys were all over Kris, "So what is going on?" Marc Andre said.
"What do you mean?" Kris asked really confused at the question.
"With Madaline, dude? We all know you had the hots for her before all of this but is there something you want to tell us now?" Jordan inquired.
Kris looked at his friends, "She and I are having a baby, so what do you all think of that?"
Max, Marc Andre and Jordan all looked at each other and then back at Kris.
"A baby? Maddy's pregnant? Dude you better explain yourself and how did that come about anyway?" Marc Andre said confused.
"Marc Andre if you do not know how a girl gets pregnant then you need to go and talk to your dad" Max laughed which made Jordan and Kris laugh too.
"Max, I know how babies are made but its just I can not believe Kris got Maddy pregnant when I thought that they were just good friends" Marc Andre said and punched Max in the arm.
"There was not much to do in the room I was in with Maddy plus our friendship just connected more being together in such a small space. And hell as you all know I had wanted a more intimate relationship with her since I had met her. She is perfect and I love her" Kris explained and then the door opened to the bathroom and Maddy walked back out. All the guys looked at her as she walked towards them.
"Did I miss something because why are you all staring at me?" Maddy wondered.
"Sorry Maddy but I just told the guys about the baby" Kris said.
"Oh yeah, Kris kinda knocked me up while we were kidnapped" Maddy laughed and then moved back to her spot next to Kris. They guys laughed at Maddy's comment and then gave their congratulations to her and Kris.

Finally the guys left and let Maddy and Kris recover from the visit.

"Your friends are hilarious" Maddy said smiling.
"They are characters but I love them like my family. Now where were we when they showed up?" Kris asked Maddy and she leaned down to kiss Kris again.
Maddy pull back from the kiss and looked at Kris, "I hope that helped".
"Yes that helped a lot but I am not done with you yet" Kris smiled and pulled Maddy back down for several more kisses.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Chapter 7

The doctor started shocking Kris and his heartbeat resume back to normal after the first time. The doctor and nurses finished up in the surgical room and then got Kris situated in the recovery room.

Maddy woke up during the night with a surprise. She had felt Kris coming to her in her dreams and telling her that he loved her and everything would be fine and he had kissed her. It had felt realistic but she knew she was asleep and he was in surgery.

"God, if you are here please listen to me. I need Kris to get through surgery. He is my world and the father of my unborn baby. I can not live without him and of course I love him with all my heart and soul" Maddy prayed to herself quietly. She got comfortable again and went back to sleep sending Kris good thoughts in her mind.

Back in the recovery room the nurses were checking all the patients.

"Kris, can you open your eyes for me" the nurse said. Kris did and of course it was hard because he felt so tired.
"That's great Kris, you are going to be fine" the nurse reassured him. Kris closed his eyes again and just relaxed.

A little while later on he was moved into Maddy's room. He looked over at her and saw she was sleeping and connected to some machines but then again he was too. He ended up falling back to sleep because that's about all he had the energy to do at that moment.

Maddy woke up late the next morning and noticed that Kris was in the room with her. He was connected to machines that were monitoring his stats. She smiled realizing that he was alive and that's all she wanted.

Maddy quietly said another prayer to God, "Thank you for sending him back to me". Maddy laid on her side and just watched him sleep.

A nurse came in to check on them, "Good morning Maddy, looks like you got a roommmate".
"Yeah and he is the best one ever" Maddy said smiling.
"How are you feeling this morning?" the nurse asked checking Maddy's stats and the baby monitor too.
"I feel ok and actually for the first time in a while I do not feel nauseous but really hungry" Maddy realized.
"Well that is a great sign and your breakfast should be here soon. And it looks like your baby's heartbeat is good too" the nurse noted. Then the nurse went to check on Kris.

Maddy just sat and watched the nurse check over Kris. She was happy that even though the first month or so of her pregnancy she had not been to see a doctor or eaten right, that everything with the baby was going well.

The nurse left and then someone else brought in Maddy's breakfast and she ate. While she was eating she heard Kris's voice, "Hey Maddy".
"Kris hey you are awake. How are you feeling?" Maddy asked stopping eating to talk to Kris.
"I feel like Rupper's truck ran me over and over" Kris joked. That made Maddy smile Kris was going to be fine.
"No Mike did not run you over. You were shot by one of the kidnappers. Do you not remember that?"
"I remember that but not much else after that" Kris said.
"Well you have been through a lot and I am just so glad that you are here with me. If I had.....ummmm" Maddy could not finish her sentence with out tears starting again.
"Oh Maddy its ok. I wish I could hold you but I am kinda stuck" Kris joked again hoping to get a laugh out of Maddy, which he did. She laughed and that made him feel better too.
"Oh Kris you always know when I need a laugh and I love you too".
"Glad to hear that because I love you" Kris said smiling.
"Oh I have some news for you but I am not sure what you will think" Maddy said uncertainly.
"What's up?" Kris asked.
"Well you know when we were being held captive in that dingy room and we were uhm...well...we got close" Maddy stuttered and blushed slightly embarrassed.
"We made love, Maddy. It is nothing to be embarrassed about. We love each other so we wanted to show each other. Now what are you trying to tell me?"
"Yes, uhmmm I am pregnant" Maddy said and looked over at Kris.
"I am not surprised sweetheart because we kinda did not have any protection around but I am happy. This is great news, Maddy. If I could get up I would kiss you senseless" Kris smirked. Maddy smiled and reached her hand out and Kris reached his hand to hers and they held hands.
"I am happy about the baby too" Maddy said smiling at Kris who was smiling back.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Chapter 6

Things were starting to seem bleak for Maddy and Kris and their kidnappers were starting to get more annoyed that their demands were not being met.

One evening they came in and started yelling at Maddy and one of them smack her and that pissed Kris off majorly he jumped up and pushed that guy and then the other guy jumped in too. The second guy and Kris really got into it and Kris did not know but that guy had a gun. They continued to fight until all of a sudden there was a loud bang and both men went down.

Maddy screamed when she heard the loud bang sound, "Oh god Kris" she said getting over to Kris and the kidnapper guy moved and they saw blood and he check himself and they realized it was Kris who was bleeding.

"Call 911" Maddy screamed at the men as she tried her best to stop Kris from bleeding. She grabbed a towel and pushed it on Kris's wound on his abdomen. The kidnappers finally gave up and called 911 and sure enough the police and ambulance showed up and took Maddy and Kris to the hospital and the police arrested the kidnappers.

On the ride to the hospital the medics talked to Maddy and worked hard on Kris. Maddy cried because she did not want to lose Kris. She loved him more than anything, "You have to save him. I love him and need him"
"Miss we are doing all we can" the medic said to her. Maddy nodded and then looked back at Kris and took his hand in hers and prayed.

They got to the hospital and Kris was taken into surgery and Maddy was taken to get checked out too.

Maddy was given a very extensive check up because of what she had been through. They were talking to her and giving her tests to make sure she was healthy.

At one point the doctor came in and walked over to Maddy, "Maddy, I have a pretty serious question to ask you so I need the truth. I was checking over your tests results and one thing surprised me. Were you raped by one of the guys who held you captive?"
"No, why?" Maddy asked looking at the doctor with a confused look.
"Maddy you are pregnant".
Maddy looked down at her lap and then put a hand on her abdomen, "I thought I was but I was not completely sure".
"Who is the father, Maddy if you were not raped?"
"Kris" Maddy stated as she looked up at the doctor.
The doctor just nodded, "Kris, the guy you were being held with is the father of your baby".
"Yes he is and I need him to live because I want him to be in his child's life and my life too" Maddy said hugging herself and then started crying. The doctor gave her a pat on the back, "They are working to save him for you and your baby".
"Thanks doctor" Maddy said and then got comfortable in her hospital bed and prayed for Kris.
"You need sleep, so try and do that and we will give you Kris's status when we find out" the doctor said.
"Thank you doc. I appreciate that a lot" Maddy said yawning and then falling asleep.

Meanwhile the doctors were working hard on Kris. The gun shot hit him in the lower abdomen. He had been bleeding a lot but the doctor was able to get the bullet out of Kris but then he started bleeding hard again badly. Kris flat lined and the doctors yelled, "Get the electric paddles because we have to save him!"