Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chapter 5

****Warning Adult Content****

The days were just going by for Maddy and Kris but it was getting tough. Their kidnappers gave them some food at random times but there was not much else to do. There were times when they got tired of seeing each other and then the times when they needed to be close.

One evening after the kidnappers left them alone for the night, Kris was trying to get Maddy to become intimate with him but she was not having any of it. She was purposely ignoring Kris and he noticed, "Maddy what's wrong, baby?"
"Leave me the fuck alone, Kris" Maddy demanded as she pushed Kris off of her.
"Damn baby all you had to say was not tonight or something like that but why are you acting so bitchy? Usually you do not mind us making love" Kris said extremely annoyed and moving away from Maddy and going to rest with his back to her.
Maddy moved so that her back was to Kris's back and she sighed feeling exhausted. She knew she needed to explain herself to Kris but she could not tell him the real reason so she just said, "Kris I am sorry about yelling at you but I am scared and stressed that we might be here and never see our families again".

Kris turned around to see Maddy's back and he could tell she was now crying. Her shoulders were shaking and he heard her sobs he turned her so that she was looking at him. She looked up at Kris as he looked down at her. She snuggled into his body and he held her. Kris knew she really was scared about seeing her family and he was too but was trying to be brave for Maddy's sake.

"Maddy its ok I know its hard on both of us now but we gotta just be there for each other and think positively that we will be home soon. I miss my family and friends just like you".
"I know you miss everyone too and I should never had yelled or cussed you out. I am just so tired and have been so nauseous and I can not take it anymore. I want my own bed and my life back. I want to go home" Maddy said crying again.
Kris held her close and kiss the top of her head, "I know sweetheart, I know".
Maddy cried and Kris held her and let her cry her eyes out until she finally fell asleep and Kris laid her down and put the blanket over them. Kris fell asleep too and prayed to himself that they would be found soon.

The next day Maddy woke up again with the nauseous feeling again and went back into the bathroom and threw up. Kris noticed and got up to check on her.

"Maddy, baby are you ok?" Kris asked walking in on Maddy throwing up. He grabbed a towel and handed it to Maddy. She took it and washed her face.
"No but I feel better now for some reason" Maddy said smiling.
"I just do not understand why you keep waking up lately and throwing up when you barely eat anything. Its weird" Kris's concern making Maddy feel guiltier for not saying what she knew about the fact that she might be pregnant but she could not mess up what she had with Kris. He had rights but she could be wrong and not be pregnant and it is stress related or who knows. Maddy hugged Kris and then looked up at him and then touched his face and he leaned down to kiss her. She then whispered in his ear, "Let's take a shower together". Kris smirked at her and he turned on the shower.

Kris helped Maddy get undressed and he smiled at how beautiful she was and she blushed when he looked at her and then said to her, "Tu es belle, Madeline". Maddy could not help herself when she looked at Kris his body was just perfect. They got into the shower and Kris gently helped wash Maddy and she did the same to him. Then Kris leaned down and kissed Maddy deeply. She put her arms around his shoulders and then he picked her up and leaned her against the wall. Maddy lifted her legs around Kris's waist. He took that as a sign to pleasure Maddy. He let his fingers caress her clitoris and she cried out his name, "Kris, Kris yes".

Kris smiled to himself and then he kissed Maddy and then he entered her and could not believe how wet and tight she was but it felt wonderful. He made love to Maddy and they enjoyed their orgasms together. Maddy felt even more sensitive by Kris's touches this time as they made love.

When they both came down from their loving making high and Kris moved off of Maddy and he held her close and then she looked at him, "Kris, I love you so much".
Kris looked down at her and smiled and kissed her again.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chapter 4

The next couple of weeks were hard on Maddy and Kris. Their kidnappers thought it would be fun to torture Kris and Maddy. They thought it was fun to piss off Kris by making snide and sexist remarks about Maddy and her family. Kris got a matching black eye to Maddy's and she nursed him as he protected her with his life.

Maddy's and Kris's families were worried and doing whatever the kidnappers wanted but it did not seem like enough. Their parents were talking with the police and doing anything to help find Kris and Maddy. It was a scary time for everyone.

Meanwhile back in the dingy room where Kris and Maddy were being held, Maddy had started feeling sick. She felt nauseous and Kris was worried because she could not keep any food down even if it was just a little something.

"Maddy you got to eat something or you will get worse" Kris said trying to get Maddy to eat but she pushed his hand away.
"Kris please, I am not hungry and its making me sick just looking at it" Maddy said getting up again and going into the bathroom to throw up. She washed her face and then walked back into the room and sat down next to Kris.
"Sorry Kris, I know you are worried. I love you" Maddy said looking at Kris and then she turned his face to look at her. He smiled and leaned down to kiss her gently.
"I am just worried about you and you have been through so much here" Kris explained and then he kissed her again. Maddy smiled and leaned her head on his shoulder.
"I know Kris and you have protected me like you promise and I will try to eat something when I feel better".
"Sounds good Maddy and I love you too" Kris said smiling and then pulling Maddy into his lap to hold her close again.


The following morning Maddy woke up again feeling very nauseous and moved away from Kris and ran into the bathroom. She threw up and then washed up and looked into the mirror. Maddy was not stupid but had her suspensions as to what was going on. She hoped Kris had no idea because technically they were not in a relationship but he did say he loved her. But a baby would really complicate everything now. She would just do her best not to let him know until she knew that Kris might want to have a family with her. Something else that had surprised her was when he told her he loved her and of course he was showing her a lot by making love to her. It was nice but he never said that they were together officially but she did enjoy the intimacy and closeness they were sharing.

Maddy came back out and saw Kris looking at her and she hurried back to snuggle next to him.

"I woke up and you were not her and I got worried, baby" Kris said leaning down for another kiss.
Maddy kissed Kris back but the word, "baby" was not something Maddy needed to hear because she was pretty sure that she was pregnant with Kris's baby.
Maddy was in her own little world and Kris noticed this so he whispered in her ear, "Madeline, je veux faire l'amour pour vous et puis vous embrasser insensée".
Maddy jumped and then looked at Kris, "Désolé chérie" and then she looked at him.

"Are you feeling worse? Because you seem distracted and that's why I whispered about showing you how much I love you again like we did last night" Kris smirked and held her close.
"Kris, I am just worried about how much longer we are going to be here. I really miss everyone and very scared" Maddy said using that as her cover to hide what she was really thinking.
"I know you are scared and so am I but hopefully our families and friends will find us and we will get home soon. I love you Maddy do not forget that" Kris said trying to comfort Maddy and she snuggled tighter against Kris's strong body. He kissed her temple and then they lay together both hoping they would get home soon.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chapter 3

****Warning Adult Themes and Minor Violence****

The next morning Maddy woke up and heard Kris in the bathroom and she moved slightly and she felt a little sore from Kris making love to her the night before. She smiled at what they had done and was happy that she had let Kris take her virginity. She hoped that Kris loved her like she loved him but had had never told her. She wanted to tell him but was not sure how to tell him but her thoughts were changed when she heard the kidnappers talking loud.

Maddy quickly grabbed her clothes and ran into the bathroom where Kris was just getting out of the shower with a towel on.

"Hey sweetheart" Kris said and then grabbed his boxers and jeans and quickly put them on.
"Hey is there still some hot water because I kinda want a shower too and if you don't mind stay here with me because I heard them and they are being loud and that scares me" Maddy said.
"Of course Maddy, I will stay put. Get in the shower and I will make sure they don't hurt you" Kris said helping Maddy get situated.

Maddy enjoyed her shower and it made some of the soreness of their lovemaking go away. She felt better knowing that Kris was right there protecting her. She quickly finished and then climbed out and saw Kris sitting on the counter.

"Hey beautiful" Kris said smiling as he looked at Maddy in a towel. He handed her clothes to her and she quickly got dressed. Then the two of them they walked back out into the other room and went to sit down on the floor.

"Kris, uhmmm...last night...ummm" Maddy stuttered and then got shy and could not look at Kris.
"Maddy, last night was special and you gave me a gift that was very important to you. I want you to know that I will cherish that you let me have that gift last night. And Maddy, I hope you know that I love you or I would never have made love to you last night if I did not love you" Kris explained and Maddy looked up at Kris with wide eyes.
"You love me?" Maddy asked surprised.
"Of course I do and it started the first time I saw you smile and I know I never told you because I was not sure of how you felt so that is why I always just told you I cared deeply and you were my best friend but I do love you".
"Oh Kris you made me so happy and I love you too and promise me you will still protect me until we get out of here" Maddy requested.
"I will protect you no matter what" Kris said pulling Maddy to him and holding her close and kissing the top of her head.

Just at that moment the door busted opened and the kidnappers looked over at Kris and Maddy hugging.

"Well look here I see the little slut is letting her bodyguard get some" one of the men joked and then pulled out his gun, "Let her go now buddy or it will not be pretty".
Kris let go because he did not want anyone to get hurt. The other guy walked over to Maddy and smacked her around and yelled, "You little slut give us the combination to your parent's safe or we will hurt your boyfriend".

Maddy cried because the guy hit her again and she fell to the ground. Kris looked over and did not care that there was a gun pointed at him. He got down where Maddy was and pulled her close and whispered, "Just tell them please I can't take this anymore and I love you and need you more than anything". Maddy looked at Kris and finally said, "Fine whatever you want I will tell you".

Maddy gave the men the combination and then they left the room. Maddy looked at Kris and she ran over to him and he held her tightly.

"I am so proud of you now. You are so strong, sweetheart" Kris said and Maddy looked up at him and he kissed her deeply.

Before Maddy knew it Kris picked her up and took her to the mattress and laid her down. She looked up at him and he looked down at her and smiled. Kris then proceeded to make love to Maddy again. He kissed her and she kissed him back. They touched and gently showed each other how much they loved each other.

Kris and Maddy gave each other amazing orgasms and it was so perfect.

Kris got off of Maddy and he held her tightly, "I love you Madeline more than anything".
"I love you too Kristopher and I trust you completely and know you will protect me too" Maddy said smiling at Kris.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chapter 2

****Warning Adult Themes and some minor Violence****

The next morning Maddie woke up and tried to move but Kris seemed to be holding on to her for dear life. His grip was tight around her waist so she attempted to move his arm which brought about a groggy Kris asking, "Where are you going?"
"Uhmmm the bathroom if you don't mind" Maddy stated.
"Fine but I was comfortable with you here" Kris mumbled and let Maddy get up and go into the bathroom.

She went to the bathroom and then was washing her hands and looked into the mirror. Sure enough she had a black eye.

"Lovely" she muttered to herself and then walked back over to the mattress and laid down on her stomach and looked over at Kris, who was laying on his side.

His eyes widened when he saw her face, "Wow you look like a hockey player with that black eye" he joked and Maddy winced as Kris touched her face. Kris noticed that, "Sweetheart I am sorry. I know your face hurts and wish I was hurting and not you".
"My eye and cheek are just tender and sore" Maddy said turning onto her back to rest. Kris leaned over on his side and looked down at her.
Maddy looked up at Kris and touched his face and he leaned down and gave Maddy a tender sweet kiss on her lips.
Maddy smiled and then she snuggled back against Kris and he held her. They ended up falling asleep again.

A little while later the guys opened the door to the room where Kris and Maddy were. One guy looked at the other guy and they smirked.

They went over to Maddy and decided to have some fun with her. One guy got on top of her and the other guy slowing moved her hands so she could not fight back. Maddy woke up to the feeling of hands on her and she started to scream and one of the guys put his hand on her mouth, "Shut up bitch or we will hurt you more so relax".
Maddy's screaming woke up Kris and he noticed the guys trying to attack Maddy. He grabbed the guys and one of them started fight Kris but Kris won that and the other guy got off of Maddy and they ran off and locked Maddy and Kris back in their room.

Maddy was hugging herself and fixing her clothes and Kris grabbed the blanket he had found and put it around Maddy, "You are safe, sweetie" Kris said holding her close.
Maddy cried and snuggled close to Kris as he held her tightly. She did not want him to let her go, "Hold me close Kris please".
"Always sweetheart always" Kris said turning Maddy to look at him. Maddy leaned up to Kris and kissed him hard and then she took off her shirt and started for Kris's and he helped her.

The rest of their clothes came off quickly but then Kris stopped her for a moment and looked at her, "Maddy are you sure because I know you are scared?"
"Show me how much you will protect me" she said powerfully and Kris laid Maddy down onto the mattress and he started to kiss her neck and then her collarbone.
Kris suckled her breasts and then her abdomen. He moved back up and kissed her again. Maddy felt Kris's hand caress her clitoris. She could feel how much Kris cared about her and before she knew it he entered her.

Kris groaned at how wet and extremely tight Maddy felt. Then something surprised him and he looked at Maddy's face was scrunched up and then seemed to finally relax.

"Maddy are you ok?" Kris asked.
Maddy nodded and moved her hands into Kris's hair and yet Kris knew she was not.
"Maddy seriously? Tell me the truth".
"Yes this is my first time" Maddy confessed and hoped that Kris was cool with what she had just told him.
"Maddy, your first time should be special" Kris said looking surprised.
"It is because you are my hero and I trust you to always be there for me" Maddy said and Kris leaned down to kiss her again.
Maddy smiled and then Kris showed Maddy how much he would always be there for her and protect her till the end.

Kris moved in and out of Maddy a few more times and then he emptied his seed into her womb. Maddy had an amazing orgasm because Kris knew how to make Maddy feel special. He felt his orgasm and then he collapsed together in each others arms.

Kris finally got off of Maddy and held her close and then he grabbed the blanket and put it over them. They ended up falling asleep snuggled close and Maddy felt more protected than ever in her life.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Chapter 1

****Warning Adult Language****

The two guys that had grabbed Maddy and Kris were talking outside of the van.

"Hey we need to take the car because if its left here the cops might find us quicker so get the keys now".

The side door of the van was opened and one of the men pulled out his gun and said, "Hand over the keys to the car now!"

Kris handed his keys to the guy and then moved back next to Maddy. The door to the van was closed hard. Kris and Maddy heard Kris's car start and then the van started moving too. There were no windows in the back where they were so they had no idea where they were going.

Maddy and finally calmed down somewhat thanks to Kris just holding her. But she was freaking out inside.

"Kris" Maddy whispered.
"Yeah" Kris said back quietly.
"I am scared".
"I am too but like I said before I will protect you and not let these guys do anything to you. We just gotta keep our wits about us and do not do anything stupid so that they don't have a reason to hurt us" Kris explained in a hushed voice but loud enough that Maddy heard him and nodded her head. She finally laid her head against Kris's chest and sighed.

An hour later the van stopped and Kris and Maddy looked at each other. There were some noises outside of the van and then the door opened and one of the guys jumped in and closed the door. He pulled out his gun and pointed it at them and said, "Put on these blindfolds now or I will shoot you".

Kris and Maddy did what they were told and then Maddy felt an arm grab her and the door to the van opened and she was dragged out and she felt the gun in her back and was told to walk. She did not know what happened to Kris until she was told she could take off her blindfold.

She was in a dimly lit room with just a mattress on the floor. There was a bathroom off the room she was in and it looked decent. She turned around and saw Kris just getting thrown into the room and being yelled at to take of his blindfold and to shut up. Then the door to the room was closed with a slam.

Kris had tripped but caught himself and looked around the room.

"Are you ok?" Maddy asked putting her hand on his arm.
"Yeah I am fine. Those assholes were saying some rude things about you and I was telling them off and I do not think they liked it" Kris said with a smirk.
"Thanks for defending me" Maddy said with a blush.
"Hey you are my best friend and I do not take well when someone is bad mouthing my friends" Kris countered and then hugged her.

Maddy was surprised by how tight Kris was holding her but it felt great after all they had been through at the moment.

Maddy pulled back and scanned the room, "Not much in here".
"Yeah" Kris said.
"I guess we gotta share the mattress" Maddy said as she felt her cheeks flush but she did not let Kris see her face.
"Its fine" Kris said moving over to check out the bathroom.

Maddy let out a sigh and then the door to their room was opened and before Kris could come out of the bathroom the guys dragged Maddy out kicking and screaming.
The door was shut and Kris banged on it, "Let go of her! Bring her back" and he tried to open the door but it was useless because it was locked. He pushed his hand through his hair and went and sat on the mattress and prayed they would not hurt Maddy.

The men put Maddy on a chair and started pacing around her.

"OK bitch what is your dad's combination to the safe at the store?"
"I am not going to tell you that" Maddy said defiantly. That earned her a rough slap across the face which made her face hurt.
"I do not have a problem with hitting woman so tell me now or it will be worse" the other man yelled.
"NO!!!!!!!!" Maddy yelled back which made the man furious and he smacked her in the face which she was sure she would have a black eye.
The first man talked to the other man and then the first man grabbed Maddy and took her back to the room.

When the door opened Kris looked up and Maddy was thrown into the room and she stayed on the floor and started crying.
Kris jumped and ran over to her and helped her up but she pushed him away, "No leave me alone" she cried harder.
"Maddy, is me, Kris, come on what's wrong" he said worriedly and Maddy finally pushed up so Kris could see her face and his eyes widened.
"Those bastards" he said and helped Maddy up and they went into the bathroom and he sat Maddy down on the toilet seat and looked for a cloth and wet it to wash her face.

"What did they do?" Kris asked sitting on the floor in front of her.
"They wanted to know the combination to the safe at the store and I would not tell them" Maddy said looking defeated.
"Maybe you should tell them because I do not think my heart can handle anything else they might do to you" Kris said sweetly and he held out his hand and Maddy took it and he pulled her to his lap.
"Kristopher Letang, are you saying you really like me because your heart can not handle me being hurt?" Maddy laughed.
"Thank god you are laughing and yes I like you and you know it. We like each other, come on admit it you like me" he joked.
"You are just too much Kris" Maddy said looking at Kris and shaking her head.

Then all of a sudden Kris leaned in and kissed Maddy on the lips. Maddy pulled back and looked at Kris and then he cupped her face and leaned in for another more intense kiss. Maddy enjoyed the feelings that Kris was giving her and moved to be as close as she could be to him. She ended up straddling his lap and he put his hands on her hips to pull her close to him.

Kris then pulled back and watched as Maddy slowly opened her eyes and then he looked Maddy in the eyes, "Remember I will always protect you!"
"I know you will, Kris" Maddy said and then got up off of Kris's lap. They headed back into the other room and got comfortable on the mattress and fell asleep after their exhausting evening.

Maddy felt safe as Kris put his arm around her and held her as she slept. She knew deep down he really meant what he said about protecting her no matter what.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Madeline Chase is the daughter of very successful parents. They owned "Chase Jewelers" in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Their store was the place for the wealthy and very successful came to get their loved ones little baubles.

Madeline was working one evening at the store and it was close to closing time when someone walked into the store and she turned around to see one tall gorgeous man with the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen.

"Hey Maddy, are you ready to go?" the gorgeous man asked her.
"Hey Kris, I will be ready in just a moment. Let me just check the safe, set the alarm and get my stuff and we can head out" Maddy said smiling.

Kris followed Maddy in the back and waited until she was ready.

"OK let's go" Maddy said and Kris took her hand and they headed out towards Kris's car.

The back alley way was dark but that was normal.

All of a sudden a van came up behind Kris's car and two men jumped out of the van and grabbed both Maddy and Kris.

Maddy tried to scream but one of the men put his hand around her mouth and then said, "Don't scream or else we will kill you and your boyfriend". Kris was struggling against the man that had him but it was useless because the guy had a gun pressed to Kris's side. The men threw them both inside the back of the van and then closed the door and the van drove off.

Maddy was shaking and Kris moved over to where Maddy was and hugged her, "Everything is going to be ok and I will not let anyone hurt you, Maddy".
"Thanks Kris you are my best friend and I trust you" Maddy said still shaking but she snuggled close to Kris's chest.
Kris held Maddy close and knew she was freaking out but he was going to protect her no matter what happened.