Sunday, August 7, 2011

Chapter 20

Kris watched as the doctors helped Maddy give birth to the twins. They were extremely tiny and rushed to the Neonatal Unit to help them survive. Kris held Maddy after the twins were taken to NICU. The doctor was hopeful that the twins would be fine but they were very small so time would tell.

Maddy looked at Kris with tears in her eyes, "We might lose them and it would be my fault".
Kris hated hearing Maddy say that it was her fault that they might lose the twins, "Maddy it is not your fault. Don't you dare say that ever again!"
Maddy nodded her head and buried her face in Kris's chest. He held her close and kissed her temple.

The doctors and nurses were working on the twins and hooking them up to machines to help them breathe. The twins named, Lucy Madison Letang, and Luc Matthew Letang, were both struggling to survive.

Back in Maddy's room, Maddy had fallen asleep after her exhausting day. Kris was on his phone sending pictures to his parents and friends. Kris looked at Maddy and watched her sleep and then he got up and headed down to the nurse's station.

Kris stopped at the desk and the nurse sitting there looked up at him, "Can I help you sir?" she asked.
"Yes, I have a question about my wife, Madeline Letang?" Kris asked.
"Sure" the nurse said.
"You know she and I were held hostage a while back and that is when we conceived the twins and Maddy did not know she was pregnant and neither did I. She did not see a doctor for the beginning of her pregnancy and she feels responsible and guilty for the twins being born early. Could she be right?"
"It is a possibility but twins usually come early and are small and I do not want to say that everything will be perfect but hopefully your children will be fine so just be there for your wife and love her, sir"
"Thank you and I will be there for Maddy" Kris said and headed back to Maddy's room. He sat down next to Maddy on the bed and took her hand in his and kissed it, "Maddy I love you and will always protect you as I promised".

Maddy woke up when the nurse came into her room, "Maddy, we want you to come and see the twins now. I think if you see them and talk to them it will help".
"Sure" Maddy said as the nurse helped her into the wheelchair. Maddy looked over at Kris, who had fallen asleep in the couch and she smiled.
"Do you want to wake up your husband?" the nurse asked.
"No, let him sleep he has been through a lot" Maddy said as the nurse wheeled her to the NICU unit.

As Maddy was wheeled up to the twins incubators she was in shock at how small they looked. She stood up carefully and put her hand in to touch her daughter. Lucy grabbed Maddy's finger and Maddy smiled.

"Hey angel, its mommy and I love you so much" Maddy said as a tear fell down her cheek, "You are so precious to me and your daddy and we will always be there for you and your brother". Maddy then moved to see her baby boy and then continued to talk to both of them.

Kris had woken up and realized that Maddy was gone and went to find her. He was told she had been taken to see the twins. When Kris got to the NICU unit he saw Maddy talking to the babies. He smiled and thought that maybe seeing them and talking to them would make Maddy realize that she was not at fault for the twins being premature. Kris walked over to Maddy and put an arm around Maddy and she turned to see Kris and smiled at him, "They are so precious Kris and they are ours".
"Yes they are and we are lucky to be their parents" Kris said and kissed Maddy.

They both spent more time talking and letting the twins grab their fingers until Maddy got tired. They headed back to Maddy's room and got settled and had dinner.

Kris told Maddy what the nurse had said about twins and that made her realize everything would be fine and they prayed together for the twins health and hopeful progress of getting stronger soon.

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