Monday, September 26, 2011

Chapter 23

Life seemed awesome for Kris and Maddy and the twins. But life likes to throw curve balls too and one was about to show up.

Maddy and Kris were out at an event for the Penguins organization and having fun. The twins were being babysat by Maddy's parents. Maddy and Kris were heading to the car and they got in and headed out. They were driving along and Kris looked out the review mirror and saw a van that seemed to be following them. Kris then looked at Maddy and did not want to worry her so he changed lanes just to see what the van would do. It did the same thing and now Kris was concerned for their safely. Maddy noticed that Kris seemed tense and kept checking the review mirror.

"Kris what's going on?" Maddy asked looking at Kris.
"Nothing" Kris said trying to stay calm.
"That's not true and slow down we are not in a race" Maddy said freaking out.
"Sorry baby but there is a van following us and something feels oddly familiar" Kris said still driving like he was a race car driver. Maddy turned to see the van and said, "Push it Kris move".

Kris and Maddy zoomed around and the van continued to follow them. Kris was trying to be careful but at one point out of no where Kris over guessed a turn and the car crashed and then flipped. The van sped off and left Kris and Maddy in their smashed up car.

Maddy's parents were starting to get worried about Maddy.

"Where is she" her mother said, "They should have been home hours ago. I am really worried".
"OK let me call some people and see if I can find out what happened to Maddy and Kris" Maddy's father said and got his cellphone out and started making calls.

Meanwhile at the hospital Kris and Maddy were both in surgery to save their lives.

Maddy's father finally found out that Kris and Maddy had been in an accident and were at the hospital. Maddy's parents got the twins out of bed and they all went to the hospital.

When her parents got there they found the doctor.

"How is my daughter, Madeline Letang" Maddy's mother asked.
"We need to abort the baby she is carrying or else she might not make it" the doctor said.
Maddy's parents eyes widened when they heard what the doctor just said but they agreed to let the doctor abort the baby because they wanted their daughter to live. The doctor also said that Kris would be fine too.

Several hours later Maddy was out of recovery and in a room. She saw her parents and the twins all looking at her.

"Mom, Dad why am I in the hospital? What happened?" Maddy asked.
"You and Kris were in a car accident but you will be fine and so will Kris" her dad said.
"Kris is good too. That makes me feel better. I wish I could see him" Maddy said starting to tear up.
"You will but right now you need rest" her mother said and then walked over and gave her a quick kiss on her forehead and motioned to Maddy's father and they all including the twins headed out of the room to let Maddy sleep.

When they were out of the room Maddy's father stopped Maddy's mother and said, "She needs to know she lost her baby"
"She does not need to know she was pregnant" her mother said.
"Yes she does and so does Kris. It was their child and I am going to tell her. I know you still have a hard time with her being married to Kris but he is good to her and loves Madeline more than anyone" Maddy's father said and walked back into Maddy's room.

"Maddy, sweetheart" Maddy's father said and Maddy opened her eyes and looked up at her father.
"Yes daddy"
Her dad sat down next to her and took her hand, "Maddy there is something you need to know and its going to be hard to take but you need to know".
"Is is Kris? Is he not going to be ok?"
"Kris is fine. Actually Maddy you were pregnant and the doctor said that he had to abort the baby so that you would survive. I am so sorry baby" Maddy's father said pulling Maddy into his arms as she cried.

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  1. :( aww losing the baby. Noooooo I didn't want that to happen. Poor Maddy. I am glad that Kris and Maddy are okay. Cute update!