Sunday, May 29, 2011

Chapter 12

Maddy was resting in the hospital bed after having been checked out by the doctor. The doctor walked back in and asked, "Hey how are you feeling now?"
"Better and a little relaxed but how is my baby?"
"Madeline, I know you have been through a lot so your baby is going to be fine but you need to be less stressed in your life plus there is something else I noticed in your ultrasound today" the doctor said which surprised Maddy.
"What did you see?" Maddy questioned and was starting to worry.
"I noticed a second heartbeat so it looks like you are carrying twins" the doctor explained which made Maddy's eyes widen.
"Twins, I am having twins! How can that be? I am not a twin and neither is my boyfriend and there is not other way because I am not on any medications either so how and why so I am very confused".
"Madeline, sometimes it happens and maybe there are twins somewhere in either of your families but you are having twins".
"Wow so there are two babies growing inside of me. Hey little guys" Maddy smiled and patted her abdomen.
"Well like I said earlier you need to take it easy and rest so that you can have healthy babies. So is there someone here with you to take yyfrieou home?" the doctor asked.
"Yes my boyfriend, Kris Letang, is here with me" Maddy said and then the doctor talked to the nurse and the nurse went to find Kris.

"Kris Letang?" the nurse called out and Kris got up and walked over to the nurse.
"I am Kris".
"Come with me sir" the nurse said and Kris followed her back to where Maddy was resting.

When they got back to where Maddy was resting, Kris saw how relaxed Maddy was and that made him happy.

"Hey sweetheart" Kris said smiling.
"Hey Kris" Maddy said.
"How are you and the baby feeling?" Kris asked coming over to sit next to Maddy on her bed.
"Uhmmm well the doctor told me some that surprised me a lot" Maddy said looking at Kris and biting her lower lip.
"Tell me Maddy".
"I am having twins and so that is one reason why I was bleeding and having pains in my abdomen so I have to really relax and take it easy so the babies will be healthy" Maddy explained and now it was Kris's eyes that widened with shock.
"Twins! We are having twins. Wow I can not believe it but I am happy, Maddy, I am very happy" Kris says and leans down to kiss Maddy gently.
Maddy smiles and kisses Kris back.

They get home and Kris makes sure that Maddy is resting quietly at their home. Kris and Maddy relax and celebrate quietly about the fact that they are having twins that night.

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  1. Twins...awww double trouble for Maddy and Kris. cute update. i can't wait for more.