Sunday, June 5, 2011

Chapter 13

Maddy was chilling out in the bedroom looking at wedding magazines. She kept hoping in the back of her mind that Kris was going to ask her to marry him. She knew Kris loved her and wanted to be with her forever and she wanted the same.

She was still looking at the magazines when her cell phone started ringing and she looked at it to see Kris calling, "Hey".
"Hey Maddy" Kris said.
"What's up" Maddy asked.
"I was just calling you to see what you wanted for dinner. I figured since I was out and you need rest that I would get some food for us and we could have a relaxing evening at home tonight" Kris explained.
"I am kinda craving Chinese food so that would be awesome" Maddy said and then hearing her stomach growl.
"Sounds good sweetie. I will see you soon. Je t'aime".
"Je t'aime Kris".

Kris showed up and then called out to Maddy, "Hey sweetheart, I am home with Chinese food you requested".
"I am in the bedroom" Maddy called back.

Kris walked in and saw Maddy sitting still looking at wedding magazines. She looked up at Kris and smiled when he walked into the room.

"Hey" Maddy said smiling and her smile was contagious and Kris smiled back and came over and sat down next to her.
"I see you are looking at wedding dresses. Who is getting married?" Kris asked with a smirk.
"Me hopefully" Maddy said batting her eyes at Kris.
"Who are you marrying?" Kris joking asked.
"He is tall, gorgeous, his eyes are heaven to me. He has sexy hair that I love to run my fingers through. He loves me completely and has been my best friend forever and he has helped me through so much in my life. Oh and he is the father to my unborn twins" Maddy said and looked at Kris who smiled at her and leaned down to kiss Maddy.
"Je t'aime beaucoup" Kris said pulling Maddy into his arms.
"So are you going to ask me to marry you because I want to be with you?" Maddy asked seriously.
Kris thought for a moment and then got up and went into the closet and Maddy looked at Kris with curiosity. He came back out and then walked over to Maddy and put his hand out and she took his hand and he walked with her to the balcony off the bedroom.

They got out onto the balcony and Kris told Maddy to sit on the chair and she did and then watched Kris who started to pace in front of her. Then he knelt in front of her and took her left hand in his hand.

"Maddy you have been through so much recently and I do not want you to have to deal with anymore craziness. I want you to have all your dreams come true and I will love you and only you forever so Madeline be my partner in defense and life?" Kris said placing a ring he had been keeping around in a secret place at their home.
Maddy eyes widened at the beautiful princess cut diamond ring that Kris placed on her finger and all she could do was nod her head, yes.
"Is that a yes, sweetie" Kris asked smiling at Maddy.
Maddy finally found her voice and said, "Yes, yes, yes! I want to marry you".

Maddy jumped out of the chair and into Kris's arms and luckily Kris was able to keep his balance so they did not fall down onto the hard balcony floor. Kris carefully got both of them up to a standing position and held Maddy close. Maddy kept looking at her finger with the ring on it. Kris laughed as he tried to kiss Maddy but she turned her face and he ended up kissing her cheek.

"I am guessing you like your ring?" he asked.
Maddy still staring at it said, "Yes I do and its wonderful and perfect".
"I am happy you love it oh I forgot its engraved on the inside".
Maddy took the ring off to look on the inside to see that it was engraved with, 'Madeline and Kristopher Forever in Love'.
"Awwwww Kris you are wonderful" Maddy said finally looking up at Kris and giving him a proper kiss.

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  1. Love love that chapter. awww Kris proposing to Maddie was so sweetie. those two were meant for one another. I can't wait for a new update!