Friday, October 28, 2011

Chapter 25

A few weeks later Kris and Maddy were both home from the hospital but were both still recovering from the wreak. They were relaxing in the den with Maddy's parents and the twins. Kris knew that Maddy's mom, Ann, was not his biggest fan so he was purposely holding Maddy close and kissing her or whispering into her ear just to bug Ann. Maddy knew what was Kris was doing and just played along. Maddy noticed that her mom was irritated at the two of them but Maddy did not care and she was enjoying the attention Kris was giving her.

After a little bit Ann got up after a little while and headed into the kitchen to get away from the overly sickening display of affection that Kris was showing her daughter. Ann still could not figure out why Maddy was so love with Kris. She was trying to busy herself by making a snack for the twins when Maddy walked in and jumped onto the counter.

"Mom was is your deal with Kris?" Maddy asked even though she knew the answer.
"Sweetie you are my baby and I guess I really want to know why you love Kristopher so much? Just explain it to me" Ann said walking over to Maddy and leaning against the counter that Maddy was sitting on.
Maddy bit her lip and thought for a moment, "Kris just makes me happy and he makes me smile. When he holds me, I know I am safe and that nothing can hurt me because he will not let anything happen. He makes me laugh and he bugs me at the same time but it works. We understand each other and know the others thoughts. We are soul mates, partners and best friends and it just works. That is why we are in love".
Ann smiled at her daughter, "Madeline, I understand now why you love him and I am going to stop being so stubborn about not wanting you two to be together. I guess I just never gave you a chance to really explain it and I did not want to hear it. But I see it in your eyes and I am now accepting you and Kris as a couple and love you and just want you to be really happy".
"Oh mom thank you so much and I love you too" Maddy said jumping off the counter and they hugged.

At that moment Kris walked into the kitchen and stopped and was about to turn around when Maddy saw him.

"Kris come here" Maddy said and Kris walked over to where Maddy and Ann were standing.
"Kristopher, let me just say that Madeline finally explained to me that you love her more than anything and I know she is happy and you will take good care of her and your children. I am not going to try and break you two up anymore and I accept your marriage and life together" Ann said and giving Kris a hug which surprised Kris and he looked over at Maddy and she smiled.

Ann pulled back and just smiled and reached her hand out to Maddy and pulled her to Kris and Maddy leaned in against Kris and then Ann walked out of the kitchen.

"What was that all about?" Kris asked looking very confused. Maddy just laughed at poor confused Kris and then just leaned up on her tiptoes to kiss him and then she said, "We just got our official blessing from my mom and no more of her telling me that you are not good enough for me".
"Good because no matter what you are stuck with me forever, Maddy. I love you" Kris said kissing Maddy again.

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  1. awww finally Maddy's mom is coming to her sense. Glad she approves of them being together. love that!