Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Chapter 26


Now that Maddy's mom was cool with Maddy being with Kris, life was a lot calmer and more relaxed. Which meant that Maddy and Kris's intimate relationship was more intense. Maddy was enjoying all the attention from Kris in the bedroom. One night they were snuggled together after an amazing round of lovemaking. Maddy leaned up on Kris's chest and just watched him. He had his eyes closed and he looked so peaceful and relaxed which made Maddy happy.

"Why are you staring at me" Kris said startling Maddy and he laughed.
"You scared me dude" Maddy said playfully hitting Kris on the arm.
Kris then used his strength and flipped Maddy on her back while he got on top of her.
"Dude what are you doing?" Maddy said as Kris then started nibbling on her earlobe which made Maddy giggle.
Kris continued his assault on Maddy's ear and then neck as she squealed in delight at what he was doing to her. Not surprisingly this make out session lead to another round of lovemaking which was more fun but just as special.


A few weeks later Maddy was playing with the twins in the den. Kris was at practice and was coming home bringing lunch for everyone which was always a treat for the twins.

All three of them were working building with Legos and designing buildings when Kris came into the room. He stopped at the door to watch his wife and kids play until Luc turned and saw his dad.

"Daddy" Luc called out which made Lucy and Maddy look over at Kris. The twins jumped up fast and ran over to Kris and jumped all around him. He smiled at his kids and knelt down to get on their level. The hugged their dad and he hugged them back. Maddy got up from the floor and watched as Lucy and Luc attacked their dad. It was funny to Maddy and she just giggled at the sight.

"Ok kiddos lets go and wash your hands for lunch" Maddy finally said so that Kris could get up and get lunch ready. Luc and Lucy ran off to wash their hands and Kris walked over to Maddy and pulled her to him, "Hey gorgeous" Kris said and then kissed Maddy.
"Hey hot stuff. How was practice?" Maddy asked.
"Tough as always but it was needed and felt good" Kris said smiling and then kissing Maddy again and then the kids ran back in saying, "We're hungry".
Kris brought out the bags of Chinese food as he opened one particular bag the smell hit Maddy and she felt a major wave of nausea. She quickly ran out of the room and into the bathroom. Kris gave the kids some food and then went to check on Maddy.

"Hey sweetheart are you ok?" Kris asked looking concerned as Maddy washed her face off and looked at Kris.
"Yeah the smell of the food made me nauseous" Maddy laughed and shrugged her shoulders.
"You love Chinese food so I do not get it?" Kris said still looking worried.
Maddy walked over to Kris and took his hand in hers and placed it on her abdomen and said, "More than likely its not that I do not like the food but the baby might not be a fan". And Kris looked at Maddy with wide eyes, "Seriously?"
"Yeah I took a pregnancy test the other day just out of my curiosity and it was positive" Maddy said smiling.
"Oh Maddy this is wonderful news after all we have been through" Kris said hugging Maddy close.
"I know right and I am taking it easy so this pregnancy has no drama" Maddy giggled.
"I just hope its not twins again because that was an adventure" Kris laughed and Maddy laughed too.

They headed back into the kitchen and enjoyed a nice lunch with the twins. It was a nice relaxing afternoon for the family. Then that evening they all headed to the Consol Center for a game.


A couple months later on Maddy and Kris were at the doctor's office for an ultra sound to see how the baby was doing. Maddy had been feeling really rough during this pregnancy and Kris was concerned because he did not like Maddy not feeling well or getting hurt. She was so precious to him and he knew she had been through so much and she needed lots of good things instead of bad.

Finally the nurse called Maddy in and she and Kris walked into the room. Maddy got situated on the table while the nurse got the ultra sound machine ready to check out Maddy's baby. The nurse put the ultra sound goo on Maddy's abdomen and started checking out the baby on the monitor.

"The baby looks good and if you look there you can see the head and the arms. Oh wait what's that" the nurse said which made Maddy and Kris look at each other.
"What's wrong?" Kris and Maddy said in unison.
"Nothings wrong but it looks like you guys are having twins" the nurse said smiling.
Kris and Maddy looked at each other in shock. Maddy said, "Twins again" and Kris just shook his head.

When Kris and Maddy got home they both just sat on the sofa next to each other. Maddy looked at Kris watched as he just looked at his hands.
"Hey hot stuff its going to be ok" Maddy said reaching for one of Kris's hand. He leaned back on the sofa and looked at Maddy.
"I still just do not get our luck with this twin thing. I really just think its crazy but I am glad we had Luc and Lucy so we have the experience and will not be to out of our league".
"Yeah and I think its amazing but wonderful that we were able to get pregnant again so soon after my miscarriage".
Kris looked at Maddy and pulled her close to him, "Yes I am happy about that too and did I tell you sweetheart that I love you so much today?" Kris asked.
"Yes but I love hearing it over and over from you" Maddy said smiling and sat up to kiss Kris. The kiss got more heated by Maddy and she moved to sit on Kris's lap. Kris moved his hands under Maddy's shirt and let his hands wander over her body. Before Maddy realized it she was naked as well as Kris.

He laid Maddy down on the sofa and started to kiss her neck and then moved down to her collarbone and Maddy squealed at the amazing feelings Kris was giving her. He moved down further to her breasts and suckled each one of them and Maddy was losing it more at what Kris was doing to her body. He moved down to her abdomen and kissed it and then moved between her thighs and kissed the inside of her thighs and then caressed her clitoris with his fingers and making Maddy squirm more. Then he leaned down and kiss her in her most intimate spot and Maddy lost it and Kris knew she would. She screamed his name several times which was music to Kris's ears. He smirked at himself knowing he had pleasured Maddy with his magic lips.

Kris moved back up to Maddy and kissed her hard again and then he entered her gently. Maddy moved her legs around Kris's waist so he could go deeper inside.
Kris thought he was going to lose it at because Maddy felt so tight and wet. It was perfect and wonderful. Kris moved in and out of Maddy several times before they both felt powerful orgasms. Maddy cried out Kris's name over and over and Kris swore under his breath as they both exploded together in ecstasy. Kris collapsed on top of Maddy and she held Kris close as they both calmed down from their amazing lovemaking.

Kris moved off of Maddy and pulled her to him. He needed to hold her close and Maddy enjoyed the closeness. She snuggled against her husband and sighed in contentment. Maddy felt so loved and happy at this moment.

"Maddy you ok?" Kris asked kissing the top of her head.
"I am and I love you" Maddy said and looked up at Kris and he smiled.
"Je t'aime Madeline" Kris said and then kissed Maddy again.
"Hey Kris, I know you are still a little bit in shock about these twins but we will work it all out because we can do anything together" Maddy said.
"And we love each other" Kris said as he held Maddy close.

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