Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chapter 8

Kris and Maddy were both having to stay in the hospital to get healthy after their harrowing time while being kept captive. Maddy's baby was surprising doing well considering everything that had happened. Maddy was able to get out of bed and go and sit with Kris, who was still hooked up to several machines to make sure he will get better sooner.

One day Maddy was sitting next to Kris and reading him get well cards that family, friends and fans had sent. Kris was enjoying all the cards and was laughing when Maddy would read ones from fans. Some fans were really humorous and loved him dearly but some were a little crazy.

"Kris, these are hilarious and your fans love you" Maddy laughed as she looked at the last one she had just read.
"Hey what can I say I am popular and loved around the world" Kris joked.
Maddy just shook her head and picked up another card and was about to read it when Kris stopped her and said, "Maddy, hey are you ok?"
"Yes, why?"
"You are jealous of my fans and their love for me" Kris smirked.
"No, I am not jealous. I have no reason to be jealous because I am secure that you love me and you are my best friend" Maddy smiled happily.
"Good to know you are not jealous of my fans but you are not my best friend but my girlfriend and the only woman I love forever" Kris said smiling and took his hand and pulled Maddy's face to his and kissed her deeply.

"Excuse me" a voice said and Maddy and Kris pulled apart, "Sorry to interrupt but I need to check on you both" the nurse said.
Maddy got off of Kris's bed and went to hers and blushed. Kris looked at Maddy and just laughed because she looked so cute when she blushed and was embarrassed. That made Kris love her even more.

The nurse checked both of them out and then left and Kris patted the spot where Maddy had been just few minutes ago and she got up and went back to her spot and snuggled next to Kris as careful as possible. He smiled as she laid next to him and they both ended up falling asleep.

A few of Kris's teammates decided to come and visit him at the hospital that afternoon. Jordan, Max, and Marc Andre headed to Kris's room and walked in and saw Maddy and Kris out cold in Kris's bed.

"Tanger gets lucky in the freaking hospital? How is that even possible?" Max questioned and the other guys laughed which caused Maddy and Kris to stir. Maddy and Kris both turn to see several Pens players staring at them snuggled together in Kris's hospital bed.
"Tanger, you are one lucky dude having a hottie in bed with you at the hospital" Jordan joked and Kris rolled his eyes.
"Yeah Tanger, you never get that lucky with the ladies in other settings but in the hospital you get lucky" Marc Andre laughed too.
"Hahaha you guys are such comedians. And you guys know Madaline" Kris said slightly annoyed.
"Yeah we know Madaline. How are you doing darling?" Max asked using his charming voice that would make most girls get naked instantly for Max.
"Hey Max, I am doing well even though both of us have been through a lot recently" Maddy said smirking to herself.
"That is great to hear" Max said.
"Well if you guys will excuse me for a moment" Maddy said going into the bathroom connected to their room.
After Maddy was in the bathroom the guys were all over Kris, "So what is going on?" Marc Andre said.
"What do you mean?" Kris asked really confused at the question.
"With Madaline, dude? We all know you had the hots for her before all of this but is there something you want to tell us now?" Jordan inquired.
Kris looked at his friends, "She and I are having a baby, so what do you all think of that?"
Max, Marc Andre and Jordan all looked at each other and then back at Kris.
"A baby? Maddy's pregnant? Dude you better explain yourself and how did that come about anyway?" Marc Andre said confused.
"Marc Andre if you do not know how a girl gets pregnant then you need to go and talk to your dad" Max laughed which made Jordan and Kris laugh too.
"Max, I know how babies are made but its just I can not believe Kris got Maddy pregnant when I thought that they were just good friends" Marc Andre said and punched Max in the arm.
"There was not much to do in the room I was in with Maddy plus our friendship just connected more being together in such a small space. And hell as you all know I had wanted a more intimate relationship with her since I had met her. She is perfect and I love her" Kris explained and then the door opened to the bathroom and Maddy walked back out. All the guys looked at her as she walked towards them.
"Did I miss something because why are you all staring at me?" Maddy wondered.
"Sorry Maddy but I just told the guys about the baby" Kris said.
"Oh yeah, Kris kinda knocked me up while we were kidnapped" Maddy laughed and then moved back to her spot next to Kris. They guys laughed at Maddy's comment and then gave their congratulations to her and Kris.

Finally the guys left and let Maddy and Kris recover from the visit.

"Your friends are hilarious" Maddy said smiling.
"They are characters but I love them like my family. Now where were we when they showed up?" Kris asked Maddy and she leaned down to kiss Kris again.
Maddy pull back from the kiss and looked at Kris, "I hope that helped".
"Yes that helped a lot but I am not done with you yet" Kris smiled and pulled Maddy back down for several more kisses.

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  1. haha that update is funny and hilarious. love it. can't wait for more!