Saturday, April 16, 2011

Chapter 9

Maddy was going to be released from the hospital soon but she was not completely sure what their relationship status was exactly so she decided to ask Kris.

"Kris" Maddy said sitting next to him on his bed.
"Yes beautiful" Kris said smiling at Maddy.
"What are we?" she asked with a confused look.
Kris looked at Maddy and took her hand in his, "What do you mean what are we?"
"Are we you know together or I do not know?"
"You are the mother of my child and the woman I love, Maddy" Kris said.
Maddy did not like Kris's answer and got up and went to sit on her bed and pulled her legs close to her body.
"Why did you leave me?" Kris asked confused, "Come back".
"I need more committed relationship with you or its nothing, Kris. I need the man I love to want to be with me. Not just sleep with me and get me pregnant and claim they love me when they do not know what I am to them" Maddy stated strongly.
"Maddy, I am not like that. I did not just sleep with you, we made love several times and we created a life that is now growing inside of you. I do not get where you are getting this crap that I just slept with you to knock you up and not be in a committed relationship" an exasperated Kris said.
"Then tell me what I want to hear" Maddy countered back.
"Maddy will you be my girlfriend?" Kris asked and Maddy smiled brightly and nodded.
She got up from her bed and climbed back into Kris's bed and snuggled next to him. "I guess now we need to move in together" Kris said and Maddy looked up at him and bit her lip.
"Do you want to live together?" she asked.
"More than anything" Kris said leaning down and kiss Maddy as his hand moved and stopped on her abdomen, "Hey little guy do you want mommy and daddy to live together?" Kris then asked the baby.
"What did the baby say?" Maddy asked looking at Kris.
"He said yes" Kris joked.
"Is that right?"
"Oh yes it is very right so when I can get out of here we need to find a place that will be ours" Kris suggested.
"I would love it Kris and now you need to get healthy".
"I will and you need to take care of yourself and our baby".
"Of course I will take care of our baby" Maddy said and then kissed Kris.

A few days later Maddy was finally leaving the hospital but she did not want to leave Kris but he told her she had been through so much and needed to go home. Maddy agreed and kissed him but promised to be back a lot to visit.

When Maddy got back to her parents pool house where she lived and she went over to her bed and flopped down on it. She had forgotten how comfy her bed was and how wonderful it was to open a window and see daylight.

Maddy walked over to her mirror on the back of her bedroom door and turned sideways and put her hand on her abdomen. She looked down at her hand and still could not believe there was a baby growing inside of her.

"Hey baby, its your mother here. I can not believe you are here and I am going to do my best to make sure your life is happy. And I know your dad is happy that you are coming into our life" Maddy was talking to her baby when she heard a knock down at the main door to the pool house. She walked down to the front door and looked through the peephole and saw her mother. Maddy opened the door to let her mother in, "Hey mom, what's up?".
"I just wanted to see how you were doing. You have been through a lot darling so I was just checking on you" her mother said.
"I am fine mom" Maddy said sitting down on a chair next to the sofa where her mother was sitting.
"Maddy, I know that you are pregnant and that Kris is the father. What does Kris think about the baby? Does he want to be a father or marry you or what darling?"
"Kris and I are going to move in together when he gets out of the hospital and then I hope he will ask me to marry him because that is what I want" Maddy said sighing and hoping that answer would make her mother happy.
"I hope he marries you too because it would look bad for the family if we had our only daughter unmarried and pregnant" Maddy's mom, Ann said.
"Seriously mom you are worried about the family's status at this time. Give me a break. I just got out of the hospital after being kidnapped and beaten and almost raped and you are freaking out about me being unmarried and pregnant. Leave my place now. I need rest" Maddy screamed and Ann got up looked shocked and left the the pool house.

Maddy stood up and watched her mother leave. She could not believe what had just happened. She went back upstairs and headed to her bedroom and laid down for nap. She dreamed about Kris and how wonderful he had been towards her when they were being held captive. He was so loving and sweet towards her. Maddy felt lucky and happy with Kris and that was all that mattered.

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  1. aww poor Maddy. her mother was rude.

    Kris, you are awesome and amazing towards Maddy. I am glad he is proving her everything

    i can't wait for more.