Sunday, April 3, 2011

Chapter 7

The doctor started shocking Kris and his heartbeat resume back to normal after the first time. The doctor and nurses finished up in the surgical room and then got Kris situated in the recovery room.

Maddy woke up during the night with a surprise. She had felt Kris coming to her in her dreams and telling her that he loved her and everything would be fine and he had kissed her. It had felt realistic but she knew she was asleep and he was in surgery.

"God, if you are here please listen to me. I need Kris to get through surgery. He is my world and the father of my unborn baby. I can not live without him and of course I love him with all my heart and soul" Maddy prayed to herself quietly. She got comfortable again and went back to sleep sending Kris good thoughts in her mind.

Back in the recovery room the nurses were checking all the patients.

"Kris, can you open your eyes for me" the nurse said. Kris did and of course it was hard because he felt so tired.
"That's great Kris, you are going to be fine" the nurse reassured him. Kris closed his eyes again and just relaxed.

A little while later on he was moved into Maddy's room. He looked over at her and saw she was sleeping and connected to some machines but then again he was too. He ended up falling back to sleep because that's about all he had the energy to do at that moment.

Maddy woke up late the next morning and noticed that Kris was in the room with her. He was connected to machines that were monitoring his stats. She smiled realizing that he was alive and that's all she wanted.

Maddy quietly said another prayer to God, "Thank you for sending him back to me". Maddy laid on her side and just watched him sleep.

A nurse came in to check on them, "Good morning Maddy, looks like you got a roommmate".
"Yeah and he is the best one ever" Maddy said smiling.
"How are you feeling this morning?" the nurse asked checking Maddy's stats and the baby monitor too.
"I feel ok and actually for the first time in a while I do not feel nauseous but really hungry" Maddy realized.
"Well that is a great sign and your breakfast should be here soon. And it looks like your baby's heartbeat is good too" the nurse noted. Then the nurse went to check on Kris.

Maddy just sat and watched the nurse check over Kris. She was happy that even though the first month or so of her pregnancy she had not been to see a doctor or eaten right, that everything with the baby was going well.

The nurse left and then someone else brought in Maddy's breakfast and she ate. While she was eating she heard Kris's voice, "Hey Maddy".
"Kris hey you are awake. How are you feeling?" Maddy asked stopping eating to talk to Kris.
"I feel like Rupper's truck ran me over and over" Kris joked. That made Maddy smile Kris was going to be fine.
"No Mike did not run you over. You were shot by one of the kidnappers. Do you not remember that?"
"I remember that but not much else after that" Kris said.
"Well you have been through a lot and I am just so glad that you are here with me. If I had.....ummmm" Maddy could not finish her sentence with out tears starting again.
"Oh Maddy its ok. I wish I could hold you but I am kinda stuck" Kris joked again hoping to get a laugh out of Maddy, which he did. She laughed and that made him feel better too.
"Oh Kris you always know when I need a laugh and I love you too".
"Glad to hear that because I love you" Kris said smiling.
"Oh I have some news for you but I am not sure what you will think" Maddy said uncertainly.
"What's up?" Kris asked.
"Well you know when we were being held captive in that dingy room and we were uhm...well...we got close" Maddy stuttered and blushed slightly embarrassed.
"We made love, Maddy. It is nothing to be embarrassed about. We love each other so we wanted to show each other. Now what are you trying to tell me?"
"Yes, uhmmm I am pregnant" Maddy said and looked over at Kris.
"I am not surprised sweetheart because we kinda did not have any protection around but I am happy. This is great news, Maddy. If I could get up I would kiss you senseless" Kris smirked. Maddy smiled and reached her hand out and Kris reached his hand to hers and they held hands.
"I am happy about the baby too" Maddy said smiling at Kris who was smiling back.


  1. LOVE IT!!!!!! :) Great Job hun :)

  2. aww glad Kris made it. love the update. can't wait for more!