Saturday, April 2, 2011

Chapter 6

Things were starting to seem bleak for Maddy and Kris and their kidnappers were starting to get more annoyed that their demands were not being met.

One evening they came in and started yelling at Maddy and one of them smack her and that pissed Kris off majorly he jumped up and pushed that guy and then the other guy jumped in too. The second guy and Kris really got into it and Kris did not know but that guy had a gun. They continued to fight until all of a sudden there was a loud bang and both men went down.

Maddy screamed when she heard the loud bang sound, "Oh god Kris" she said getting over to Kris and the kidnapper guy moved and they saw blood and he check himself and they realized it was Kris who was bleeding.

"Call 911" Maddy screamed at the men as she tried her best to stop Kris from bleeding. She grabbed a towel and pushed it on Kris's wound on his abdomen. The kidnappers finally gave up and called 911 and sure enough the police and ambulance showed up and took Maddy and Kris to the hospital and the police arrested the kidnappers.

On the ride to the hospital the medics talked to Maddy and worked hard on Kris. Maddy cried because she did not want to lose Kris. She loved him more than anything, "You have to save him. I love him and need him"
"Miss we are doing all we can" the medic said to her. Maddy nodded and then looked back at Kris and took his hand in hers and prayed.

They got to the hospital and Kris was taken into surgery and Maddy was taken to get checked out too.

Maddy was given a very extensive check up because of what she had been through. They were talking to her and giving her tests to make sure she was healthy.

At one point the doctor came in and walked over to Maddy, "Maddy, I have a pretty serious question to ask you so I need the truth. I was checking over your tests results and one thing surprised me. Were you raped by one of the guys who held you captive?"
"No, why?" Maddy asked looking at the doctor with a confused look.
"Maddy you are pregnant".
Maddy looked down at her lap and then put a hand on her abdomen, "I thought I was but I was not completely sure".
"Who is the father, Maddy if you were not raped?"
"Kris" Maddy stated as she looked up at the doctor.
The doctor just nodded, "Kris, the guy you were being held with is the father of your baby".
"Yes he is and I need him to live because I want him to be in his child's life and my life too" Maddy said hugging herself and then started crying. The doctor gave her a pat on the back, "They are working to save him for you and your baby".
"Thanks doctor" Maddy said and then got comfortable in her hospital bed and prayed for Kris.
"You need sleep, so try and do that and we will give you Kris's status when we find out" the doctor said.
"Thank you doc. I appreciate that a lot" Maddy said yawning and then falling asleep.

Meanwhile the doctors were working hard on Kris. The gun shot hit him in the lower abdomen. He had been bleeding a lot but the doctor was able to get the bullet out of Kris but then he started bleeding hard again badly. Kris flat lined and the doctors yelled, "Get the electric paddles because we have to save him!"

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  1. Aww Maddy and Kris having a baby is so cute and amazing. yay they are finally out of captivity. uh oh...Letang better be okay!!!!! please be okay!