Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chapter 5

****Warning Adult Content****

The days were just going by for Maddy and Kris but it was getting tough. Their kidnappers gave them some food at random times but there was not much else to do. There were times when they got tired of seeing each other and then the times when they needed to be close.

One evening after the kidnappers left them alone for the night, Kris was trying to get Maddy to become intimate with him but she was not having any of it. She was purposely ignoring Kris and he noticed, "Maddy what's wrong, baby?"
"Leave me the fuck alone, Kris" Maddy demanded as she pushed Kris off of her.
"Damn baby all you had to say was not tonight or something like that but why are you acting so bitchy? Usually you do not mind us making love" Kris said extremely annoyed and moving away from Maddy and going to rest with his back to her.
Maddy moved so that her back was to Kris's back and she sighed feeling exhausted. She knew she needed to explain herself to Kris but she could not tell him the real reason so she just said, "Kris I am sorry about yelling at you but I am scared and stressed that we might be here and never see our families again".

Kris turned around to see Maddy's back and he could tell she was now crying. Her shoulders were shaking and he heard her sobs he turned her so that she was looking at him. She looked up at Kris as he looked down at her. She snuggled into his body and he held her. Kris knew she really was scared about seeing her family and he was too but was trying to be brave for Maddy's sake.

"Maddy its ok I know its hard on both of us now but we gotta just be there for each other and think positively that we will be home soon. I miss my family and friends just like you".
"I know you miss everyone too and I should never had yelled or cussed you out. I am just so tired and have been so nauseous and I can not take it anymore. I want my own bed and my life back. I want to go home" Maddy said crying again.
Kris held her close and kiss the top of her head, "I know sweetheart, I know".
Maddy cried and Kris held her and let her cry her eyes out until she finally fell asleep and Kris laid her down and put the blanket over them. Kris fell asleep too and prayed to himself that they would be found soon.

The next day Maddy woke up again with the nauseous feeling again and went back into the bathroom and threw up. Kris noticed and got up to check on her.

"Maddy, baby are you ok?" Kris asked walking in on Maddy throwing up. He grabbed a towel and handed it to Maddy. She took it and washed her face.
"No but I feel better now for some reason" Maddy said smiling.
"I just do not understand why you keep waking up lately and throwing up when you barely eat anything. Its weird" Kris's concern making Maddy feel guiltier for not saying what she knew about the fact that she might be pregnant but she could not mess up what she had with Kris. He had rights but she could be wrong and not be pregnant and it is stress related or who knows. Maddy hugged Kris and then looked up at him and then touched his face and he leaned down to kiss her. She then whispered in his ear, "Let's take a shower together". Kris smirked at her and he turned on the shower.

Kris helped Maddy get undressed and he smiled at how beautiful she was and she blushed when he looked at her and then said to her, "Tu es belle, Madeline". Maddy could not help herself when she looked at Kris his body was just perfect. They got into the shower and Kris gently helped wash Maddy and she did the same to him. Then Kris leaned down and kissed Maddy deeply. She put her arms around his shoulders and then he picked her up and leaned her against the wall. Maddy lifted her legs around Kris's waist. He took that as a sign to pleasure Maddy. He let his fingers caress her clitoris and she cried out his name, "Kris, Kris yes".

Kris smiled to himself and then he kissed Maddy and then he entered her and could not believe how wet and tight she was but it felt wonderful. He made love to Maddy and they enjoyed their orgasms together. Maddy felt even more sensitive by Kris's touches this time as they made love.

When they both came down from their loving making high and Kris moved off of Maddy and he held her close and then she looked at him, "Kris, I love you so much".
Kris looked down at her and smiled and kissed her again.

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  1. shower sex at the end is very hot but I hope that Maddy and Kris make out of this trap they are in. great update. can't wait for more