Thursday, June 23, 2011

Chapter 17

****Warning Adult Content****

Kris and Maddy left the restaurant they headed back to the hotel. As they were waiting for the elevator to go up to the room, Kris was holding Maddy close and nibbling on her earlobe and whispering. Maddy's eyes widened at what Kris was saying to her and she playfully pushed him away but he was too strong so she was stuck.
Finally the elevator came and they got on it and headed upstairs. Since they were alone in the elevator Kris leaned down to kiss Maddy and then started moving down her neck when the elevator stopped and the doors opened and an elderly couple got on and smiled at Maddy and Kris. Kris and Maddy both turned red from embarrassment and then Maddy just leaned close to Kris and he put his arm around her. The elevator finally got to their floor and they got off and headed to their room.

Kris opened the door to their room and picked up Maddy and she squealed in surprise.

"Hey Kris why are you carrying me over the threshold? You are supposed to carrying me over the threshold of our permanent house normally" Maddy asked still in Kris's strong arms.
"I can carrying you over any threshold I want because you are my wife and I love you" Kris explained and then kissed Maddy again. Kris then walked with Maddy in his arms and the gently dropped her onto the bed. Maddy giggled and watched Kris take off his jacket and tie. Then he leaned down so that he was on top of Maddy and then kissed her again.

Kris slowly undressed Maddy and then looked at her, "God you are so beautiful Maddy". Maddy blushed and then Kris finished getting the rest of his clothes off and then leaned back down.

Kris started kissing Maddy's earlobe and then he moved to her neck giving her more kisses. Then he moved down to Maddy's breasts and suckled each of them which made Maddy go crazy and call out his name, "Kris oh god yes Kris wow". Kris smirked and continued his kissing assault all over Maddy's body. Maddy was playing with Kris's hair and he enjoyed that and he was moaning her name too, "Oh god Maddy, damn oh hell ya baby". Kris moved further down to her bellybutton and kissed it and she giggled but then he moved to her most sensitive spot and kissed her clitoris. She screamed out more, "Oh my god, oh my god Kris yes amazing!"
Kris smirked and then moved back up Maddy's body and then looked at her, "Maddy, I love you" and then he entered her gently. Maddy smiled and held onto Kris tightly as he moved in and out of her at an amazing pace. Their bodies found a rhythm that was perfect for both of them. Kris swore because Maddy was so tight and wet and felt so perfect to him. Maddy whispered into Kris's ear, "I love you too" and that made Kris move a few more times to give Maddy a powerful orgasm. Maddy then moved her hips and Kris groaned and then he emptied his seed into Maddy's womb and felt his own orgasm hit. They collapsed in each others arms and smiled. After they both calmed down and Kris moved off of Maddy and held her close.

"Kris, this was so special" Maddy said smiling.
"Making love to you tonight was special because you are now my wife and I love you so much" Kris said and then kissed Maddy again which led to another round of amazing love making. Kris and Maddy made the most of their wedding night and made love several times. They finally fell asleep in each others arms late that night.

The next morning they woke up late and Kris moved to watch Maddy sleep next to him. She looked like an angel so peaceful and beautiful. He stretched and just lay next to her and just watched Maddy sleep.

Maddy woke up to see Kris smiling at her, "Good morning husband".
"Good morning wife" Kris said and then kissing Maddy again. They ended up making love that morning and then Kris got Maddy up and into the shower and they made love in the shower.

Maddy was exhausted but very happy after the shared shower with Kris. They ended up sleeping the rest of that day together and very happy as a newly married couple.

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  1. d'awww what a cute short update. I love it. I can't wait for more. Kris and Maddie are perfect. Can't wait!