Friday, June 17, 2011

Chapter 15

Maddy's mom might have seen fine with Maddy finally becoming engaged to Kris but she still positive that Kris's profession was not suitable. Ann was determined to figure out a way to break up this engagement because her daughter should be marrying a doctor or a lawyer.

Ann invited Maddy over to the main house for lunch one day. Maddy walked over to the main house and found her mother sitting at the breakfast bar watching the personal chef making lunch.

"Hello mother" Maddy said making her presence known and then sitting down.
"Darling Madeline, how are you?" Ann asked in her snobby tone that irradiated Maddy.
"I am fine, mother. What did you want to talk to me about because I know you" Maddy said not sounding to happy.
"Let's go into the living room while Chef Jacques finishes lunch" Ann said taking Maddy's hand and leading her into the living room.

They sat down and then Ann decided to say her peace, "You need to break it off with Kris. And you will need to ask him to give up his rights to the twins. So I can find you someone better and willing to be a father to the twins even though they will not be his and I am sure I know a few gentlemen who will fit better in your life than Kris".
"Excuse me" Maddy said totally shocked.
"He is not good enough for you and he does not have a legit occupation for our social circle. And I still am a little surprised at you Maddy not saving yourself until your wedding night. I taught you to better than to get pregnant before marriage".
"I am leaving and not listening to this" Maddy said getting up from the chair.
"Madeline Elizabeth, sit back down now!" her mother practically screamed and Maddy turned around to look at her mother.
"No, you can not tell me what to do after all I am an adult. I will live my life as I wish and it will be with Kris and the twins". Then Maddy ran out of the house and back to the pool house and pulled out her cell phone. She called Kris and was pacing around the living room when he answered.

"Hey" Kris said.
"I need you" Maddy sobbed into her phone and sat down on the nearest chair.
"I am on my way home now, sweetie. Please do not cry" Kris said moving away from his friends for a moment to try and calm Maddy down.
Maddy took a deep breath and answered, "Just get here so you can hold me".
"See you very soon, baby" Kris said and then hung up and told his friends he had to head home.

Maddy cried until Kris showed up and he rushed into the living area and sat down next to Maddy and pulled her into his arms.

"What made you so upset sweetheart? What's wrong? Are the babies ok? Are you ok?" Kris asked several questions and Maddy finally calmed down to talk.
"My mother, I hate her. She told me I had to break up with you because you are not good enough for me" Maddy choked out.
"What seriously?" Kris questioned.
"Yes but that is not the worst of it".
"Worse what could be worse than us being forced to break up?"
"She told me I had to make you give up your all your rights to the twins so that she could find another man for me and he would become their father".

Kris pulled Maddy back to look into her eyes, "How dare she say that. Those babies are mine and yours because we created them out of our love for each other. I will never give my rights up to the twins that pisses me off".
"I know I told her I would not listen to her because I can live my life how I want to and its with you and the twins" Maddy said starting to cry again and Kris pulled her back into his arms and gently rubbed her back to try and calm her down.
"You did the right thing sweetie and I think we need to leave your parents pool house for a while if you want to" Kris suggested.
Maddy pulled from Kris and nodded her head and Kris got up from the sofa and held out his hand to Maddy how took it and he helped her up.

They went upstairs to pack some bags and Kris called a nice hotel near the Consol Arena to reserve a room. Kris took the bags and Maddy grabbed her purse and another smaller bag. They packed up Kris's SUV and headed to the hotel. Maddy was so grateful that Kris would do this for her that she did not know how to thank him.

"Kris, you are so wonderful and I do not know what I would do without you sometimes" Maddy said starting to get upset again. Kris took her hand in his and kissed it.
"Maddy, I told you I would do anything for you because I love you and care about you forever. You are the other part of me and I know you would do the same for me so just relax and we can have a few days alone to enjoy" Kris said with a smile and made Maddy blush.
"I love you Kris" Maddy said leaning over to kiss Kris's cheek as they drove to the hotel.

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  1. awww i love this chapter. why is Maddy's mom so mean to her? Kris and Maddy are so cute together. Great Update!