Sunday, June 12, 2011

Chapter 14

****Warning Adult Content****

Maddy was showing off her her engagement ring to her parents one afternoon at lunch.
Her mother was admiring the ring at one point and then looked skeptical at her daughter.

"Madeline, did Kris ask you to marry him because he loves you or because you are having his babies?"
Maddy's eyes widened in shock and she got up from her chair, "How dare you mother! How dare you! Who do you think you are anyway? Kris and I love each other and we are engaged because its the next step in our relationship. I really wonder about you and your snobbishness. I am leaving".
Maddy's father got up from his chair and put his hand on Maddy's shoulder, "Sweetie. please sit back down and let's talk about this wonderful news a little more calmer".
Maddy sat back down and then glared at her mom.
"Maddy we just want to make sure you are happy and getting married for the right reasons to Kris" said Timothy, Maddy's dad. Maddy's mom, Ann nodded her head but Maddy did not believe anything her mom was doing or saying.
"Fine, but I love Kris and he loves me too and our engagement has nothing to do with the fact that I am pregnant. I have loved him since before we were kidnapped and I always will love him" Maddy said dreamily.
"Madeline, I love you baby and want you to be happy just like me and your father" Ann said and then moved to hug her daughter.
Maddy let her mom hug her and she hugged her back and said, "I am happy and I know you guys just want the best for me and I love you for that".
"Yes we do sweetie" her parents said and smiled.

Later on that evening Maddy was on her laptop in the bedroom waiting on Kris to get back from hanging out with his friends. While she was checking her email she had a funny feeling come over her. It was like butterflies in her abdomen were having a a party and it made her smile. Her mother had said that the first time she really felt Maddy growing inside her it felt like butterflies flying in her abdomen so Maddy realized she finally had felt her babies moving around in her womb.

She was watching her abdomen and in her own little world when Kris walked into the room.

"Hey Maddy, hey" Kris said sitting down next to Maddy.
"Oh hey" Maddy said still memorized by her abdomen.
"Why are you looking at her stomach?" Kris asked looking confused.
"Huh what?" Maddy said.
"Why are you staring at your stomach baby?"
"Oh I officially felt the first real signs that the twins are in my womb and moving around" Maddy said cheerfully with a huge smile on her face.
"Really that is amazing sweetheart" he said pulling Maddy close to kiss her deeply and before Maddy realized it they were slowly taking off their clothes and kissing and touching each other intimately. Kris kissed Maddy's lips and then he moved to her collarbone and that made Maddy cry out Kris's name over and over. Kris continued his kissed all over Maddy's body until he got to her most intimate spot and he took extra special time to pleasure Maddy. She cried out as her first orgasm hit her powerfully. Kris moved back up to looked into Maddy's beautiful eyes and he said, "I love you sweetheart" and then he entered her gently and the moved in and out of her several times and then Maddy had another powerful orgasm and then when he felt that Maddy was satisfied he let himself go and enjoy his orgasm too. Kris emptied his seed into Maddy's womb and then they collapsed in a happy heap in each others arms.

"I love you Kris" Maddy said smiling at Kris and he kissed her again.
"I love you more Maddy and I love you two little babies" Kris said then kissing Maddy's abdomen.
Then they fell asleep in each others arms and slept peacefully snuggled together.

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  1. love love the chapter...aww the twins are moving in her belly. that is so sweet. Her mom needs to be nicer to her too.

    can't wait for more.