Saturday, June 18, 2011

Chapter 16

Maddy and Kris had gotten settled in the hotel room and had just finished dinner at the hotel restaurant. They were sitting on the bed together watching a movie. Maddy had just fallen asleep on Kris's chest. Kris noticed and smiled so he turned off the television and the light that was next to the bed and got comfortable too.

They woke up the next morning to both of their cell phones going off. Maddy groaned and stretched over to see her phone. Kris reached for his and looked at it and then silenced it. Maddy did the same with her phone.

"Who was calling you baby?" Kris asked pulling Maddy back to his chest.
"My mother, who was on yours?" Maddy said rolling her eyes.
"Marc Andre and he knows not to bug me until at least nine o'clock during summer break" Kris joked and snuggled against Maddy so they could both go back to sleep which they did.

A couple hours later they both woke up again and got ready for their day and then went down for breakfast at the restaurant. While they were sitting there eating Kris looked at Maddy's engagement ring and an idea hit him.

"Let's get married today" he said and Maddy looked at Kris with wide eyes.
"Seriously?" she asked.
"Sure but where and who?"
"Just leave it all up to me sweetheart" Kris said and gave her a quick kiss.
"OK I trust you" Maddy said and then continued to eat the rest of her breakfast.

They got back up to the room and Kris suggested that Maddy go and enjoy the indoor swimming pool and he would get her when everything was settled. Maddy got ready for the pool and kissed Kris again and then headed out to the pool.

Meanwhile Kris started making some phone calls. He was determined to make this perfect for Maddy after her conversation with her mother. After about two hours everything was set so Kris put on his swim trucks and headed down to find Maddy.

Maddy was swimming in the pool. She had been the only one there so it was relaxing and quiet. Kris stopped at the door of the pool and just watched his fiancee swim. She seemed very relaxed and peaceful which she needed after everything. He smiled and thought how he hated to intrude on her peaceful mood but he knew she would not mind him joining her.

He walked in and Maddy turned when she heard the door open and smiled when she saw Kris come in and set his stuff down next to hers.

"Hey the water feels amazing. Come and join me" Maddy called out and Kris did as she asked.
"Hey beautiful" Kris said swimming up to Maddy and pulling her to him.
"Hey" she said and kissed him.
"Everything is set for our wedding" Kris said smiling.
"Great news, I can not wait to be Mrs Kristopher Letang" Maddy said smiling back.
"And I can not wait to have you as my wife and then no one can break us apart" Kris said.
"That is music to my ears that no one can break us apart once we are husband and wife" Maddy said leaning her head on Kris's shoulder.
They swam a little bit more and then Kris and Maddy got out and headed back to their room to get ready for the wedding.


Kris and Maddy were at a wedding chapel that Kris had found thanks to Marc Andre. Marc Andre and his girlfriend, Veronique were there too to be witnesses. Maddy was excited to see some familiar faces especially at her wedding.

"I am so excited to see you guys" Maddy said giving both Marc Andre and Veronique hugs.
"We are excited too to be your witnesses at your wedding, Maddy" Veronique said.
"Lets do this guys" Kris said as they all got situated by the couple who ran the chapel.
Maddy stayed at the back of the chapel and Kris, Marc Andre and Veronique went up front.
Someone started some music and then Maddy was motioned to walk down the aisle to Kris. Both of them were smiling and super happy. Maddy looked beautiful in a white dress she had found at the hotel store. Her hair was down with curls and a beautiful flowered tiara adorned her head. Kris swore she looked like an angel from heaven.

The minister started the ceremony and Kris and Maddy said their vows.

"Do you Kristopher take Madeline to be your lawfully wedded wife?"
"I do".
"Do you Madeline Elizabeth take Kristopher to be your lawfully wedding husband?"
"I do"
"May I have the rings please?" the minister asked and Kris handed him two rings.
"I bless these rings by the power of the father, son and holy ghost. And that they may give you eternal love for one another".
"Kristopher place the ring on Madeline's finger please".
"Now Madeline place this ring on Kristopher's finger please".
"Now by the power vested in me by the state of Pennsylvania and the city of Pittsburgh, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride, sir".

Kris leaned down and kissed Maddy like there was not tomorrow. Marc Andre and Veronique clapped and shouted, "Félicitations". The couple who ran the chapel had taken plenty of pictures for Kris and Maddy and so had Veronique. They thanked the couple and then headed out of the chapel to the parking lot.

"Wow guys you are now officially married" Marc Andre said looking at the papers that Maddy was holding.
"Yes we are and its wonderful" Kris said holding Maddy close.
"I know you really want to go and have your honeymoon but its almost dinner time so lets all go have some food before you two have to hit the bedroom" Marc Andre joked and the girls both shook their heads with laughter.
"That sounds wonderful" Maddy said and Kris agreed so they headed to a nice restaurant in downtown Pittsburgh to have a celebratory wedding dinner for Maddy and Kris.

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  1. d'awww the wedding was so beautiful. i love this chapter so much. Love between Maddy and Kris. I can't wait for more.