Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chapter 3

****Warning Adult Themes and Minor Violence****

The next morning Maddy woke up and heard Kris in the bathroom and she moved slightly and she felt a little sore from Kris making love to her the night before. She smiled at what they had done and was happy that she had let Kris take her virginity. She hoped that Kris loved her like she loved him but had had never told her. She wanted to tell him but was not sure how to tell him but her thoughts were changed when she heard the kidnappers talking loud.

Maddy quickly grabbed her clothes and ran into the bathroom where Kris was just getting out of the shower with a towel on.

"Hey sweetheart" Kris said and then grabbed his boxers and jeans and quickly put them on.
"Hey is there still some hot water because I kinda want a shower too and if you don't mind stay here with me because I heard them and they are being loud and that scares me" Maddy said.
"Of course Maddy, I will stay put. Get in the shower and I will make sure they don't hurt you" Kris said helping Maddy get situated.

Maddy enjoyed her shower and it made some of the soreness of their lovemaking go away. She felt better knowing that Kris was right there protecting her. She quickly finished and then climbed out and saw Kris sitting on the counter.

"Hey beautiful" Kris said smiling as he looked at Maddy in a towel. He handed her clothes to her and she quickly got dressed. Then the two of them they walked back out into the other room and went to sit down on the floor.

"Kris, uhmmm...last night...ummm" Maddy stuttered and then got shy and could not look at Kris.
"Maddy, last night was special and you gave me a gift that was very important to you. I want you to know that I will cherish that you let me have that gift last night. And Maddy, I hope you know that I love you or I would never have made love to you last night if I did not love you" Kris explained and Maddy looked up at Kris with wide eyes.
"You love me?" Maddy asked surprised.
"Of course I do and it started the first time I saw you smile and I know I never told you because I was not sure of how you felt so that is why I always just told you I cared deeply and you were my best friend but I do love you".
"Oh Kris you made me so happy and I love you too and promise me you will still protect me until we get out of here" Maddy requested.
"I will protect you no matter what" Kris said pulling Maddy to him and holding her close and kissing the top of her head.

Just at that moment the door busted opened and the kidnappers looked over at Kris and Maddy hugging.

"Well look here I see the little slut is letting her bodyguard get some" one of the men joked and then pulled out his gun, "Let her go now buddy or it will not be pretty".
Kris let go because he did not want anyone to get hurt. The other guy walked over to Maddy and smacked her around and yelled, "You little slut give us the combination to your parent's safe or we will hurt your boyfriend".

Maddy cried because the guy hit her again and she fell to the ground. Kris looked over and did not care that there was a gun pointed at him. He got down where Maddy was and pulled her close and whispered, "Just tell them please I can't take this anymore and I love you and need you more than anything". Maddy looked at Kris and finally said, "Fine whatever you want I will tell you".

Maddy gave the men the combination and then they left the room. Maddy looked at Kris and she ran over to him and he held her tightly.

"I am so proud of you now. You are so strong, sweetheart" Kris said and Maddy looked up at him and he kissed her deeply.

Before Maddy knew it Kris picked her up and took her to the mattress and laid her down. She looked up at him and he looked down at her and smiled. Kris then proceeded to make love to Maddy again. He kissed her and she kissed him back. They touched and gently showed each other how much they loved each other.

Kris and Maddy gave each other amazing orgasms and it was so perfect.

Kris got off of Maddy and he held her tightly, "I love you Madeline more than anything".
"I love you too Kristopher and I trust you completely and know you will protect me too" Maddy said smiling at Kris.

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  1. aww that update was so cute. I hope they get out of there. they don't deserve this. can't wait for more!