Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chapter 4

The next couple of weeks were hard on Maddy and Kris. Their kidnappers thought it would be fun to torture Kris and Maddy. They thought it was fun to piss off Kris by making snide and sexist remarks about Maddy and her family. Kris got a matching black eye to Maddy's and she nursed him as he protected her with his life.

Maddy's and Kris's families were worried and doing whatever the kidnappers wanted but it did not seem like enough. Their parents were talking with the police and doing anything to help find Kris and Maddy. It was a scary time for everyone.

Meanwhile back in the dingy room where Kris and Maddy were being held, Maddy had started feeling sick. She felt nauseous and Kris was worried because she could not keep any food down even if it was just a little something.

"Maddy you got to eat something or you will get worse" Kris said trying to get Maddy to eat but she pushed his hand away.
"Kris please, I am not hungry and its making me sick just looking at it" Maddy said getting up again and going into the bathroom to throw up. She washed her face and then walked back into the room and sat down next to Kris.
"Sorry Kris, I know you are worried. I love you" Maddy said looking at Kris and then she turned his face to look at her. He smiled and leaned down to kiss her gently.
"I am just worried about you and you have been through so much here" Kris explained and then he kissed her again. Maddy smiled and leaned her head on his shoulder.
"I know Kris and you have protected me like you promise and I will try to eat something when I feel better".
"Sounds good Maddy and I love you too" Kris said smiling and then pulling Maddy into his lap to hold her close again.


The following morning Maddy woke up again feeling very nauseous and moved away from Kris and ran into the bathroom. She threw up and then washed up and looked into the mirror. Maddy was not stupid but had her suspensions as to what was going on. She hoped Kris had no idea because technically they were not in a relationship but he did say he loved her. But a baby would really complicate everything now. She would just do her best not to let him know until she knew that Kris might want to have a family with her. Something else that had surprised her was when he told her he loved her and of course he was showing her a lot by making love to her. It was nice but he never said that they were together officially but she did enjoy the intimacy and closeness they were sharing.

Maddy came back out and saw Kris looking at her and she hurried back to snuggle next to him.

"I woke up and you were not her and I got worried, baby" Kris said leaning down for another kiss.
Maddy kissed Kris back but the word, "baby" was not something Maddy needed to hear because she was pretty sure that she was pregnant with Kris's baby.
Maddy was in her own little world and Kris noticed this so he whispered in her ear, "Madeline, je veux faire l'amour pour vous et puis vous embrasser insensée".
Maddy jumped and then looked at Kris, "Désolé chérie" and then she looked at him.

"Are you feeling worse? Because you seem distracted and that's why I whispered about showing you how much I love you again like we did last night" Kris smirked and held her close.
"Kris, I am just worried about how much longer we are going to be here. I really miss everyone and very scared" Maddy said using that as her cover to hide what she was really thinking.
"I know you are scared and so am I but hopefully our families and friends will find us and we will get home soon. I love you Maddy do not forget that" Kris said trying to comfort Maddy and she snuggled tighter against Kris's strong body. He kissed her temple and then they lay together both hoping they would get home soon.

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  1. aww what a cute update. omg Maddy can't possibly be pregnant or is she? Maddy shouldn't be scared about having a baby with Kris cause he would protect both of them with his heart.

    great update...can't wait for more.