Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chapter 2

****Warning Adult Themes and some minor Violence****

The next morning Maddie woke up and tried to move but Kris seemed to be holding on to her for dear life. His grip was tight around her waist so she attempted to move his arm which brought about a groggy Kris asking, "Where are you going?"
"Uhmmm the bathroom if you don't mind" Maddy stated.
"Fine but I was comfortable with you here" Kris mumbled and let Maddy get up and go into the bathroom.

She went to the bathroom and then was washing her hands and looked into the mirror. Sure enough she had a black eye.

"Lovely" she muttered to herself and then walked back over to the mattress and laid down on her stomach and looked over at Kris, who was laying on his side.

His eyes widened when he saw her face, "Wow you look like a hockey player with that black eye" he joked and Maddy winced as Kris touched her face. Kris noticed that, "Sweetheart I am sorry. I know your face hurts and wish I was hurting and not you".
"My eye and cheek are just tender and sore" Maddy said turning onto her back to rest. Kris leaned over on his side and looked down at her.
Maddy looked up at Kris and touched his face and he leaned down and gave Maddy a tender sweet kiss on her lips.
Maddy smiled and then she snuggled back against Kris and he held her. They ended up falling asleep again.

A little while later the guys opened the door to the room where Kris and Maddy were. One guy looked at the other guy and they smirked.

They went over to Maddy and decided to have some fun with her. One guy got on top of her and the other guy slowing moved her hands so she could not fight back. Maddy woke up to the feeling of hands on her and she started to scream and one of the guys put his hand on her mouth, "Shut up bitch or we will hurt you more so relax".
Maddy's screaming woke up Kris and he noticed the guys trying to attack Maddy. He grabbed the guys and one of them started fight Kris but Kris won that and the other guy got off of Maddy and they ran off and locked Maddy and Kris back in their room.

Maddy was hugging herself and fixing her clothes and Kris grabbed the blanket he had found and put it around Maddy, "You are safe, sweetie" Kris said holding her close.
Maddy cried and snuggled close to Kris as he held her tightly. She did not want him to let her go, "Hold me close Kris please".
"Always sweetheart always" Kris said turning Maddy to look at him. Maddy leaned up to Kris and kissed him hard and then she took off her shirt and started for Kris's and he helped her.

The rest of their clothes came off quickly but then Kris stopped her for a moment and looked at her, "Maddy are you sure because I know you are scared?"
"Show me how much you will protect me" she said powerfully and Kris laid Maddy down onto the mattress and he started to kiss her neck and then her collarbone.
Kris suckled her breasts and then her abdomen. He moved back up and kissed her again. Maddy felt Kris's hand caress her clitoris. She could feel how much Kris cared about her and before she knew it he entered her.

Kris groaned at how wet and extremely tight Maddy felt. Then something surprised him and he looked at Maddy's face was scrunched up and then seemed to finally relax.

"Maddy are you ok?" Kris asked.
Maddy nodded and moved her hands into Kris's hair and yet Kris knew she was not.
"Maddy seriously? Tell me the truth".
"Yes this is my first time" Maddy confessed and hoped that Kris was cool with what she had just told him.
"Maddy, your first time should be special" Kris said looking surprised.
"It is because you are my hero and I trust you to always be there for me" Maddy said and Kris leaned down to kiss her again.
Maddy smiled and then Kris showed Maddy how much he would always be there for her and protect her till the end.

Kris moved in and out of Maddy a few more times and then he emptied his seed into her womb. Maddy had an amazing orgasm because Kris knew how to make Maddy feel special. He felt his orgasm and then he collapsed together in each others arms.

Kris finally got off of Maddy and held her close and then he grabbed the blanket and put it over them. They ended up falling asleep snuggled close and Maddy felt more protected than ever in her life.

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  1. d'aww those two are so cute together...grr for the guys giving her black eye and yay for Kris protecting her and giving her the moment between them. I love this chapter so much. i can't wait for more!