Monday, March 21, 2011

Chapter 1

****Warning Adult Language****

The two guys that had grabbed Maddy and Kris were talking outside of the van.

"Hey we need to take the car because if its left here the cops might find us quicker so get the keys now".

The side door of the van was opened and one of the men pulled out his gun and said, "Hand over the keys to the car now!"

Kris handed his keys to the guy and then moved back next to Maddy. The door to the van was closed hard. Kris and Maddy heard Kris's car start and then the van started moving too. There were no windows in the back where they were so they had no idea where they were going.

Maddy and finally calmed down somewhat thanks to Kris just holding her. But she was freaking out inside.

"Kris" Maddy whispered.
"Yeah" Kris said back quietly.
"I am scared".
"I am too but like I said before I will protect you and not let these guys do anything to you. We just gotta keep our wits about us and do not do anything stupid so that they don't have a reason to hurt us" Kris explained in a hushed voice but loud enough that Maddy heard him and nodded her head. She finally laid her head against Kris's chest and sighed.

An hour later the van stopped and Kris and Maddy looked at each other. There were some noises outside of the van and then the door opened and one of the guys jumped in and closed the door. He pulled out his gun and pointed it at them and said, "Put on these blindfolds now or I will shoot you".

Kris and Maddy did what they were told and then Maddy felt an arm grab her and the door to the van opened and she was dragged out and she felt the gun in her back and was told to walk. She did not know what happened to Kris until she was told she could take off her blindfold.

She was in a dimly lit room with just a mattress on the floor. There was a bathroom off the room she was in and it looked decent. She turned around and saw Kris just getting thrown into the room and being yelled at to take of his blindfold and to shut up. Then the door to the room was closed with a slam.

Kris had tripped but caught himself and looked around the room.

"Are you ok?" Maddy asked putting her hand on his arm.
"Yeah I am fine. Those assholes were saying some rude things about you and I was telling them off and I do not think they liked it" Kris said with a smirk.
"Thanks for defending me" Maddy said with a blush.
"Hey you are my best friend and I do not take well when someone is bad mouthing my friends" Kris countered and then hugged her.

Maddy was surprised by how tight Kris was holding her but it felt great after all they had been through at the moment.

Maddy pulled back and scanned the room, "Not much in here".
"Yeah" Kris said.
"I guess we gotta share the mattress" Maddy said as she felt her cheeks flush but she did not let Kris see her face.
"Its fine" Kris said moving over to check out the bathroom.

Maddy let out a sigh and then the door to their room was opened and before Kris could come out of the bathroom the guys dragged Maddy out kicking and screaming.
The door was shut and Kris banged on it, "Let go of her! Bring her back" and he tried to open the door but it was useless because it was locked. He pushed his hand through his hair and went and sat on the mattress and prayed they would not hurt Maddy.

The men put Maddy on a chair and started pacing around her.

"OK bitch what is your dad's combination to the safe at the store?"
"I am not going to tell you that" Maddy said defiantly. That earned her a rough slap across the face which made her face hurt.
"I do not have a problem with hitting woman so tell me now or it will be worse" the other man yelled.
"NO!!!!!!!!" Maddy yelled back which made the man furious and he smacked her in the face which she was sure she would have a black eye.
The first man talked to the other man and then the first man grabbed Maddy and took her back to the room.

When the door opened Kris looked up and Maddy was thrown into the room and she stayed on the floor and started crying.
Kris jumped and ran over to her and helped her up but she pushed him away, "No leave me alone" she cried harder.
"Maddy, is me, Kris, come on what's wrong" he said worriedly and Maddy finally pushed up so Kris could see her face and his eyes widened.
"Those bastards" he said and helped Maddy up and they went into the bathroom and he sat Maddy down on the toilet seat and looked for a cloth and wet it to wash her face.

"What did they do?" Kris asked sitting on the floor in front of her.
"They wanted to know the combination to the safe at the store and I would not tell them" Maddy said looking defeated.
"Maybe you should tell them because I do not think my heart can handle anything else they might do to you" Kris said sweetly and he held out his hand and Maddy took it and he pulled her to his lap.
"Kristopher Letang, are you saying you really like me because your heart can not handle me being hurt?" Maddy laughed.
"Thank god you are laughing and yes I like you and you know it. We like each other, come on admit it you like me" he joked.
"You are just too much Kris" Maddy said looking at Kris and shaking her head.

Then all of a sudden Kris leaned in and kissed Maddy on the lips. Maddy pulled back and looked at Kris and then he cupped her face and leaned in for another more intense kiss. Maddy enjoyed the feelings that Kris was giving her and moved to be as close as she could be to him. She ended up straddling his lap and he put his hands on her hips to pull her close to him.

Kris then pulled back and watched as Maddy slowly opened her eyes and then he looked Maddy in the eyes, "Remember I will always protect you!"
"I know you will, Kris" Maddy said and then got up off of Kris's lap. They headed back into the other room and got comfortable on the mattress and fell asleep after their exhausting evening.

Maddy felt safe as Kris put his arm around her and held her as she slept. She knew deep down he really meant what he said about protecting her no matter what.

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  1. omg omg intense...i absolutely freaking love it! I can't wait for more. they better not die. Update please