Thursday, March 17, 2011


Madeline Chase is the daughter of very successful parents. They owned "Chase Jewelers" in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Their store was the place for the wealthy and very successful came to get their loved ones little baubles.

Madeline was working one evening at the store and it was close to closing time when someone walked into the store and she turned around to see one tall gorgeous man with the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen.

"Hey Maddy, are you ready to go?" the gorgeous man asked her.
"Hey Kris, I will be ready in just a moment. Let me just check the safe, set the alarm and get my stuff and we can head out" Maddy said smiling.

Kris followed Maddy in the back and waited until she was ready.

"OK let's go" Maddy said and Kris took her hand and they headed out towards Kris's car.

The back alley way was dark but that was normal.

All of a sudden a van came up behind Kris's car and two men jumped out of the van and grabbed both Maddy and Kris.

Maddy tried to scream but one of the men put his hand around her mouth and then said, "Don't scream or else we will kill you and your boyfriend". Kris was struggling against the man that had him but it was useless because the guy had a gun pressed to Kris's side. The men threw them both inside the back of the van and then closed the door and the van drove off.

Maddy was shaking and Kris moved over to where Maddy was and hugged her, "Everything is going to be ok and I will not let anyone hurt you, Maddy".
"Thanks Kris you are my best friend and I trust you" Maddy said still shaking but she snuggled close to Kris's chest.
Kris held Maddy close and knew she was freaking out but he was going to protect her no matter what happened.


  1. Cute :) This is going to be an exciting story!

  2. intense :) i am excited to see what happens.